Nd filters for mavic pro

Hi I’m still new and learning to photograph but was looking at the ND filters cheaper make neewer.
I understand depending on the photo you want filters change.
I’m just after any advice on trying to get nice/clear daylight videos.
Would a set nd4 to nd16.

i found these

i have a set for my mavic 2 pro by the same manufacturer

Filters for video are generally used to get the “sweet spot” between frame rate and shutter speed.
24 FPS is the favoured frame rate. You would aim to have a shutter speed of double the frame rate or as near as poss. So shutter 1/50 on Mavic pro.
To achieve this you would be in manual mode and add a filter to reduce light sufficiently to get your desired shutter speed. It’s trial and error but most common I’ve used on bright days are 16 and 32.
Also worth noting that as your flying around the direction of sun can change which can effect exposure.
There are a few guides on YouTube etc that can give you a heads up. To be honest though it can be trial and error as filters can vary from one company to the next.
Try a cheap set first possibly to see how you find using them.
Don’t forget white balance. Never use auto. Either cloudy or sunny aren’t far off for 99% of occasions for the mp.
Enjoy your flying. I for one am impressed with your efforts to date and since meeting at Humber you’ve caught on quickly. Well done.


I have a ND4PL from polarpro and a CPL from pgytech both are great but I think I prefer the CPL filter for ease and everyday use , I got both second hand so didn’t spend a fortune.

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Hi there, yes they would be ideal mate, ND filters generally block the light giving you a slower shutter speed, but you will have better detail in the picture. On the Mavic I use I set the shutter speed to its max with F11 and shoot in Aperture priority and on a very sunny day that works very well. The beauty about digital is it is only a file and if you make a mistake just delete it and try again. Just keep practising and have fun at the same time.

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AP only available on the M2P through, the rest of us DJI users are stuck on wide open 2.8 ;o(

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If it’s only for photos (not video) I wouldn’t bother.


Ive got a cheap set you can have a play with next we are out @Neil79

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Thanks everyone. Yeah thanks Chris a little look would be good.
Yeah it would be for videos really.
Just don’t want to run before I can walk. Still getting used to some settings.

IMO … absolutely this! :point_up:

… unless you’re going for long exposures for things like waterfalls, etc.


I’m sure that Ian in London did a YouTube video on this subject that was very useful

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