Neebee question here

Hi I live on the side of the Clyde looking onto the tall ship.I amin the out zone of GLA but come under restrictions for the police heliport.Is it feasible to get permission to fly down the Clyde filming for hobby not reward

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I doubt it very much.

CAA can give permission to hobbyists for flights that don’t conform to regulations but you need to apply for permission in the same way as commercial operators and have proof of competence.

As for that part of the Clyde, it could probably be seen as a built up area and might be a high risk of endangering an aircraft.

You also wouldn’t have VLOS for very long.

I wouldn’t fancy flying anywhere near the heliport to be honest, you’ve no doubt seen the way they land, coming in over the river.

Oh and Welcome to GADC Graham!


Where do you normally fly around central belt mate?

Hi Callum thanks for your answer. I’m hoping to pick up my first MP on Saturday. This was an idea that I had for something far in the future.

I’m looking for areas around Glasgow

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BTW - @gdotmolloy … welcome to the Grey Arrows forum! :+1:

There is a spot near Whitelees wind farm I fly regularly.
It’s on top of a hill just off the Eaglesham road across from visitor centre.

It’s brilliant, full 360 degrees view and nothing to get in way.

Flown at Balloch a few times as well. Normally just get train up and have couple of beers before heading back.
I’d stick to the country park side of Loch lomond to avoid those sea planes.

Bit further for you but Ayrshire coast is good as well. Irvine beach front is quite open and you get good visibility all round.

You also have all the smaller lochs and reservoirs and the endless green space in between.

Loads of places around when you get out the city. Were quite lucky in that way.

If you need any pointers or advice give me a shout


I really appreciate the help

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No problem at all.