Need a new computer... Specs?

Hey guys
Had a Gygabyte Brix i7 with 16gb ram that’s died. Need a replacement. Would love to have something decent that processes footage properly. Any suggestions? Not sure what’s required…

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It’s late now but will let you know what my new one is built especially for DR as it blow my video editing board so told the company what I wanted it to be able to handle and after £1100 I had new super fast pc


I’m watching this thread as I’m in a similar situation, though the PC I’m wanting to replace hasn’t the grunt to pull a rotten tooth out of a dead donkey’s head.


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Are you shooting H.265 10 bit or H.264 with the M2P?

That’s going to determine what kind of spec you need.

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Against the usual i7 i9 100gb of ram and lots of ssd…

I would actually recommend an i5 16gb of ram but with a decent gaming graphics card…

But like most things it boils down to what the bank will let you spend…

I happily run premier pro on my i5 16gb of ram with a 1050ti graphics card (laptop)


I have no problems with h265 using an AMD Ryzen 2600 16gb ram and a gtx 1080 ti. AMD is the best value in my opinion.

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Thanks for the specs, James. Over the last few days I’ve been over stretching myself convinced I needed the latest i7 but I think I can be a little more economical.

My current laptop is running an AMD A10-4655 with Radeon graphics so I looked to see how it compares on various benchmark tests. The answer is bloody miserably, even against low gen i3 machines. But also contained in those tables are comparisons between newer i5 and i7 processors and my realisation is that the difference in price can instead be added to upping the graphics and memory of a reasonable i5 machine as and when needed.

Here I am, trying to create my Oscar nominated masterpiece on my geriatric computer while my son Twitters and Snapwotsits on his MSI Gsomething75 silly money super computer :rage::rage::rage:


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How much would that setup cost today?

Something like that


Thanks all for the feedback :+1:. Several other threads are also pointing towards getting an i3 / i5 / i7 with a decent graphics card. Several high end gamers are trading in older pc’s for circa £300 on eBay which seems like the most economical option.

Just be aware if buying used and you want to use Dlog-M on the M2P your going to need minimum an 7th generation upwards i7 and 1060 onwards GPU. Even at that it’s going to be bare minimum.

If D-LogM is important to you choose wisely. If not then you have much more choice.

I’ve got a 6280HK i7, GTX 980 8GB and 32GB ram. It wont touch the 10bit log files.

I’m happy enough with H.264 for now.

That’s an interesting point to consider. I just checked and my DJI App is set to H.265. No idea if I did that (having read an article somewhere on this forum no doubt) or if it was set to H.265 by default.

The computer I have at the moment is a Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi7-5775 with 16GB RAM. It boasts a Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 6200. I’m not much of a pc hardware geek but the reviews suggest it’s a pretty powerful GPU. The achilles heel of this device is the default fan. It’s massively underpowered for the job at hand - needing good cooling in a tiny space. When running OpenShot Pro to compile a video fo YouTube, the fan sounded like a travel hairdryer on full throttle - but it would compile ok and playback was “managable”.

The fan had already been replaced by a mate once and this second fan also died. I decided to “have a play” and took the whole thing out of the chassis and fit the following. This new fan is far more effecient, super quiet and the CPU’s never got about 50 degrees C… yet it still shuts down after circa 20 min without warning. On reboot, it complains of CPU fan failure.

The mistake (I think) I made was installing a 3-pin fan into a 4-pin motherboard connector (with some custom re-cabling required). The 4th pin is the “control” signal and I think the motherboard is trying to send a signal to the fan and it can’t - so it shuts down. I’ve ordered a 4-pin fan which should arrive in the next few hours. If that works, I’ll attempt to cut a sunroof in the chasis and put it all back together…

Am I an idiot for trying to save this box? It’s over £1k of hardware and it seems a shame to give up on it… but if it’s never going to run smoothly or if that GPU simply isn’t up to the job, then perhaps I will just bite the bullet and get a deskop with more space asnd upgradable components.

I’ll search the forum for considered views on H.265 v’s H.264… we don’t have any 4k TV’s in the house and I’m only really interesting in making video’s for myself, friends and family - plus documenting the house rebuild that’s currently underway (garden looks like The Somme having had nearly 100 tonnes of earth moved about so far!)…

Hi @anon52324101 purchased this it’s really fast and using Filmora 9 and others it’s very efficient


That looks like a great deal. Can you please share the link from eBay? I can’t find it :+1:

Ok will do, the guys number is at the bottom

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This is mine does what i need, not sure if it’s good bad or gender neutral

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He’s run out of these… Good find for that price :+1:

Nice… Solid Graphics Card! :+1:


Thank god for that, think i read somewhere, but i could be imagining it, that it was liquid cooled?

damn drone made me buy it :rofl: :rofl: