Need to learn

… to fly smoother, I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon. Alternatively, I need to learn to edit better :persevere:


I liked that love the dog just sitting watching great colours your getting better👌

Thanks Dave, he’s a gundog, does as he’s told (I’m the only other one in this house who’s doing what he’s told) did a slight colour grading. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

nice. good effort.
I get jittery on turns with the drone and sometimes they come out a bit harsh looking. When editing I either just cut that section clean out if the change doesn’t look too drastic or use a fade between the clips to ease from one to the other.
Keep it up. practise makes perfect.


I bet that waters cold at this time of year :cold_face:

Very nice video @Sundowner. I love that the dog seems completely unphased by the drone. How far out do you think you went, I didn’t spot you in any of the footage? That was a great place to practice your skills, plenty of space and no one else around.

You bet!! And funny enough I wanted a drink so I got my befree filter bottle and had a drink. :grin:

Come over, it’s not too far from where I live. Anything I "droned " so far is no further than 20mins from the house😎

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Not very far, perhaps 200m. But a lot more before my fingers froze!!
Dogs getting old now (11), I even tell him which way to go so he can point grouse

But you haven’t got a German wirehaired pointer and shotgun lol

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