Never run out of power

After some recent battery frustration, particularly with the battery power on the Spark, I did some research and discovered the below item from Billy Kyle’s YouTube page.

Not only will this charge up flat devices via USB and USB-C ports, this also has a mains output enabling you to, say, plug in the Spark 3 battery charger using the supplied mains lead, or the Mavic four battery hub via a mains lead.

It arrived yesterday from Amazon, via Prime, and charged up the internal 27000mAh battery in quick time. Relatively expensive I know but having mains power and USB power on tap can be a real blessing. Go to Amazon Uk and search for USB C Portable Charger, RAVPower 27000mAh Built in 220V AC Outlet Universal Power Bank Travel Charger.



I don’t see how you plug a mains charger in to it though? I mean, it doesn’t have a three pin socket on it?

Or does it?!

Any idea how long it lasts? Or how many times you can charge the Spark with it?

Was it this one?

Yeah that looks like the one.

I think you get a euro 2 pin to UK 3 pin adaptor with it.

I’m considering a portable charger and have a question about the one that you suggest, but just a bit concerned about it’s use as a power converter. Have you used the 220v output? As it has a square wave converter I wondered how much noise or hum it produced, when, lets say, using it with a laptop or ipad. Maybe difficult to describe the amount of noise produced but do you find it acceptable?
I’m also considering a unit with a converter with sine wave {clean} converter but they are considerably more expensive, but may be worth it in the long run.

@PingSpike - there’s a mini jack on the side into which you connect the included mains cable and adapter which charges the internal massive battery.
As regards outputting to a mains powered device as @Flyingpigvrs correctly states you need a Euro 2 pin to UK 3 pin adapter.
Yes that’s the one. There are specs and what it can charge/how many times on the description. I’ve not yet charged either my Spark or Mavic batteries but I can tell you that compared to a couple of other USB only portable chargers I own, this one charged from almost zero to full charge very quickly. When I do do some recharging from a single full load I’ll update this post with the results.

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Hi @Bite_BayKon,

Sorry but my technical knowledge re converters/square wave/sine wave is zero :exploding_head:. All I wanted was a device that I could get power from, both via USB and AC, so I wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of who knows where with flat batteries.
I’ve yet to try it out but from what I’ve seen and read the RAVPower devices are well regarded.

@BCF Did you ever get one of these and try it?

Got the RavPower and could not be happier with it - it solves all of my charging needs.

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How many MP battery charges do you get from it?

… and what’s the charging time like … compared to house mains?

Charging time is slower than mains charging but that wasn’t a concern when I bought it - it was the fact that I could charge all of my devices, including the smaller mains needing ones ( eg the Spark tri-battery charger) whilst on the move and travelling.

As for the number of battery charges I get from it I couldn’t really tell you as I haven’t recorded the number but it’s a lot.

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