New Android Flight Planning App - Drone Harmony

Just noticed this on Play Store.
Looks as though it’s a bit like Litchi … tho (a) I’ve not used Litchi, and (b) I’ve not had chance to read the blurb on this app.

“Development Stage”, so expect anything.

I’m pretty sure I downloaded this on phone few months ago.

Didn’t get a chance to fly with it but feedback at the time was really good.

Think there was talk of it going to a paid app (subscription based), but that could just have been rumours .

Android only as well.

Could be that if one has it whilst in “development”, you get to keep it free for ever.
I have two apps where that happened. :+1:

Their demo video : Drone Harmony's Flight Planner: Scene-centered workflow - YouTube

And some other demo videos on their TY page : droneharmony - YouTube

(Beware: Their “catchy” tune is annoying … and now stuck in my head for the rest of the day. :musical_score::musical_note::musical_note:)

That first video is pretty impressive.

Think I’ll give it a try.

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The ground height data one was interesting, too.

Seems a new thread started on this : Drone harmony app

Yep that was lil old me. Came across this thread but could not fins it again. Will give it a go on my.local field and se what it can do😁

I’ve yet to go out with it, Had a few busy days … or it’s been piddidling with rain. Over 9mm in one hour, my weather station recoreded, yesterday.

I’m typing the words Drone Harmony in this thread purely so it then shows up on a search - as it currently doesn’t :wink:

Great minds think alike … I just returned to change the thread title as I reviewed “latest”. :wink:

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How strange!

I’ve been monitoring their forum, since I started this thread, to see what kinds of issues people were having with the app.

Today it seems the forum and registration criteria have been completely replaced with an empty new forum for which login criteria are invalid.

Even the threads have been removed - annoying, because I was follow a few.

Rather a cavalier approach to customer service.