New Brighton and Paramotors


Watched in silence but the filming was superb. :clap: :clap:

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Paid or leisure work Mark?

Never the less, excellent filming ;o)

We have loads of paragliders here would love to do the same … did you ask the guy if you could film him or did he ask you as you were there?

I used to live in New Brighton I was there when they put down all those stones along the front … Do à Fort Perch vidéo next Time ?

Gréât stuff

That was pure leisure Chris got talking to the guys whilst filming round the coast, their altitude is 1500 ft self governing body us 400ft

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Just for you @Gkinghrn


Ahhh thank you … brought back memories …

Now you need to fly it over the barrât estate on the old tower grounds so I can see my old house :grin:

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I liked it, especially the switch to Stockport and the use of titles for viewer info. :+1:

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Excellent footage.

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Outstanding :clap:

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Very nice indeed :+1:

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Love it! So cool with the paraglider as well.

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Thanks guys for all your comments really appreciate it :grinning: