New CrystalSky Firmware 12th April 2018

Might be a bit premature here but there are two firmware releases for the 5.5" and the 7.85" CS on the DJI CrystalSky website dated today. Both are in Zip format and around 860Mb. No release notes though and when I try to do an auto update on my CS it tells me that I have the latest version, v.02.05.00, released at the start of February. Hmmm!

This is the title of the file for the 7.85" CS - ZS600A_v2630_20180412.bin
And almost identical re the 5.5" file -
The date entry is at the end and, I presume, the version number of the firmware in the middle, i.e. v02.06.0300 ???

DJI have just placed the firmware update on the auto update part in Settings. It is V.02.06.300 and includes:-

Inspire 2 added output FPV function in HDMI video output mode;
optimised CS power control logic to improve performance under extreme conditions;
fixed an issue where the RC became disconnected when switching between built-in apps;
updated DJI Go 4 to 4.2.8;
updated DJI Go 3 to 3.1.30

That was a good spot Barry!

Were you actively looking or did you find by mistake? And idea how long they were there before you found them?

I wonder if that’s got something to do with the reports of some devices overheating?

I noticed an entry on the DJI CS forum which had been put up just an hour earlier.

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All updated…cool