New DJI Smart Controller


Pass. Recycle some of the parts for future ocusync 2 controllers?


They did not give a shit, when they fucked up our Phantom 2 Vision Drones/Controllers !!


Really? I’ve not known that. Thought it was taken out of your data allowance? crikey Im always tethering to my phone…might explain why I cant afford any holidays! :stuck_out_tongue:


Never had one that does … but all mine have had a data limit for tethering … way more than I ever used, though.


So if you have to tether it ,another thing to set up you might as well use your phone !! Personally I would like a 50 inch flat screen to see what I am doing and also let passers by insight :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It tis a simple case of tapping ‘Mobile Hotspot’ on the ol’ moby! :stuck_out_tongue: #easypeasy

and I should like a 50" shaft of light to burn their eyes out for the slightest hint of a protest aimed my way! :grin::grin:


This normally depends on if you’re on Three and have an iPhone. iPhone’s tend to use a different APN for tethering therefore it can be spotted by the network, and Three because they have such high data allowances they don’t want users smashing their network capacity by tethering.

Best bet is to cache maps anyway


Always do, where ever I am !, even abroad.


This is just me, but I prefer a degree of replaceability. With a combined screen/controller if one breaks then you lose both. At least today I can swap out the screen or swap out the controller independently and at a lower cost.


Put mine through company but don’t think there’s any chance of me buying one of these anyway , and that’s saying a lot from me as I love spending money hence three drones five bikes four cars two houses lol


And you know this will have issues :slightly_frowning_face:


The Smart Controller M2P / M2Z package is on the DJI site for £1779 / £1559 respectively.


Just paste the URL to the YouTube video on a blank line, the forum will do the magic from there :slight_smile:


Ooooooh! I was over complicating it a bit. :see_no_evil:

Cheers @PingSpike :+1::grin:


I like the look of the new controller, and I’m impressed that it’s an Ultra too and not just a High Brightness.

Shame it’s only 5.5 and not 7.5 though.

Concerned over how far behind the GO4 app will be, as we know the ‘normal’ CS is waaaayyyy behind :confused:

Also concerned for the future of the CrystalSky as a whole, does this spell the end?

Alas, this is not a gadget for me as it won’t work with my Mavic Pro or my Inspire :roll_eyes:


I think there were rumours of this new controller last spring time … and I said then that I anticipated it would signal the end of Crystal Sky.

I think this may be far more popular than CS … so I’d imagine the Go4 (or whatever it uses) would be far more up-to-date.


Yeah we first saw it accidentally leaked in with the M2 promos :roll_eyes:

I hope they keep this one up to date, it was one of the only failings of the CS really :confused:


More details …

Would have been nice with a larger screen :smiley:


Having seen the new MP2 Enterprise Edition with the FLIR camera, there seems to be a real DJI focus on providing for commercial opportunities, such as emergency services, and I think that the smart controller is aimed mostly at these. Such organisations would prefer an ‘all-in -one’ option that means they don’t have to buy phone or tablet separately but have the complete equipment combined, which will probably make it cheaper for them, especially as it can come under one service contract.

I am considering the MP2 at the moment and this is interesting. I like the idea of it combined as one - which should make it more reliable - but then does it remove the option of a bigger screen - oh decisions, decisions!!!


I think having the option to buy the M2P with the new controller as an “add on” probably the best option.
At least you can go back to using your phone or ipad, etc with the original controller.
If something were to go wrong with the New controller (and it was bought as part of a package) your knackered !, with no 2nd back up system.