New Drone - Cradley Heath, Dudley

Hi Everyone,

My Name is Muhammad Chaudhry.

I am automotive network engineer by profession. One of my passion is photography. I usely take pictures on mobile devices.I have recently purchased DJI Mini 2 and looking forward to explore great locations across West Midlands and whole of UK

You see my work on Instagram: usmanasgharch

I thanks @ianinlondon, for such a details video on drone photography and laws; also pointing out such amazing club.


Greetings and welcome to the club!

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Welcome once again!

Think we’ve got a double post - New Flyer - Cradley Heath, Dudley, Birmingham

Welcome Muhammad.

As someone that’s flying around the West Midlands & Warwickshire region there’s some things you should be aware of in regards bye-laws!!

Mainly that Birmingham City Council will attempt to enforce their bye-laws in regards drones and their parks. So the sensible thing to do in regards parks is either not fly at the them full stop. If you fancy pushing your luck take off and land outside of the park, theortically, they can’t stop you ‘flying over’ or at least wait for the rangers to be done for the day. Obviously that gets a bit easier when daylight is more on your side than it currently is.

The same can be said for Warwickshire, Shropshire and I think Staffordshire Councils. It’s always worth double checking which authority runs a park as well, as sometimes parks in a different council, such as Kingsbury and Chasewater which come under North Warwickshire & Lichfield respectively are actually run by Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

Cannock Chase is excellent open space for learning to get to grips with your controls and Barr Beacon tends to be a firm favourite with local GADC pilots to get to grips with doing some cinematic orbits and what not.

Obviously the DroneScene map as linked by Chris above will give you some excellent places to hone your skills as well that us local pilots have added.

I’ll add you to Insta.

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Thanks for information. @firstadekit

Do the councils publish any information on flying drone on to their respective council website; I am not able to find?

for some reason it was double posted. not sure why, but I can’t seems to find the option to delete it.

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Only from what we’ve found out for ourselves in the most part, however whenever you’re thinking about flying somewhere it’s always worth checking on DroneScene. A) for the authority tool, which you can get too by clicking on the question mark


Then click FOI request.


click this link


Which in Birmingham’s case, takes you to here and you can download their ‘draft’ policy

and B) Obvously DroneScene will also give you any warnings of anything going on in the area that may mean you shouldn’t fly that day, due to whatever reason, and you can also submit your own flight reports to let other air users know you’ll be about.

I tend to always google search before I go somewhere too. Such as “kenilworth castle drones” which will bring up English Heritage and they will have a thing saying “no drones allowed”

But as you’ll learn as long as you’re not taking off and landing on their land, then they can’t stop you over flying. They own land. Not airspace. No one owns airspace apart from the CAA.

Obvs obey the CAA drone code as well, especially in regards overflying people.

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Am I reading that right?

It’s only a draft policy and not a byelaw?

It’s not exactly clear. They state their byelaws cover drones, as fall under the ‘vehicles’ umbrella and causing nuisance to visitors etc.

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Hi Muhammad - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Alright mar maert, ow am ya?

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