New drone enthusiast from north Devon

Hi all , new to rc drones , but raced rc trucks at club level all over the country , but I’m now older and have I’ll health so , I got a phantom 3 standard flymore , with extras galore lol , not flown it yet , but then was offered a good Mavic pro flymore also with extras , and just 2 weeks ago got a mini 2 flymore and extras , I’m looking like a hoarder pmsl , I have also done the operator Id , flyer id , and last week the A2 CofC exam passed , I live in lovely north devon and am looking forward to getting out them , but I am also an avid photographer, with two canon dslr and multiple lens , I’ve been quietly reading the posts , also joined the BDF anyways I’ve rattled on a bit so glad to be aboard

Hi @Rob-1468 and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Welcome to the club :+1:t2: Seems like your spoilt for choice and a good head start passing your A2cofc

Yeah thanks I wanted to be setup ready for whatever the outcome of the new classes of drone

Hi, and thanks , and be sure that I will probably have questions to ask , you can never know too much , and learning is ongoing

@Rob-1468 welcome

Hi Rob - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

@Rob-1468 Hi Rob welcome to the club, bit spoiled what done shall I take out today?

Welcome Robert to GADC :clap: :clap:

I will be flying my drone in Westward Ho! and Barnstaple areas this week as I often do.

Lovely part of the world. Enjoy!

Is that for social flying or work related ? I lived in Bideford for 15 years prior living in Cornwall near padstow ,but now reside at Barnstaple

I am a property developer and have a site in Westward Ho! (14 new bungalows) and looking at a new site in Barnstaple, or more Goodleigh way.

But I often fly socially in the area.

You got the ideal mix with work and play , and fantastic views from westward ho , apple done shipyard has just got a navy ship in for refit , I know someone who works there all hush hush , but lovely part of the world

Hi, I’m down in Exeter and looking for places to fly my P4, so I’ll look out for your recommendations!

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