New drone just dropped out of the sky

Well my new Autel Evo Lite + didn’t last long, out flying today, on the way back and the thing just dropped out of the sky and into a loch. No reason, plenty power left. The records don’t give a clue. I’m seriously considering giving up the hobby, don’t know if Coverdrone will pay up but to say I’m pissed off is an understatement. The last time I pranged a drone it was my fault so I only had myself to blame but this time I didn’t put a foot wrong.

Sorry for your loss, any airdata to share ?

Maybe time to put Autel customer service to the test?


I could never get the Evo Lite + to upload to Airdata, so I’ve only got the flight record on the phone and that give no clue as to what went wrong

Do you sync your flight logs up to Autel cloud @pete.mcarthur ?

If so, you can pull them back down from Autel directly in to AirData, same as you do for DJI drones:

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Sorry this happened to you. It’s my worst nightmare when I’m out flying. I hope the insurance pays out.


Yes I do but Airdata does not want to know? Never had a problem with DJi

Commiserations - I’m pretty new to flying drones, but this is everyone’s nightmare and I’m sure you have everyone’s sympathy.

Not sure if you follow the Idaho Quadcopter on YouTube, he’s a bit laboured at times, but has good detailed content. His did exactly the same, it was over the sea at the time and was ‘almost’ caught on video. Despite efforts to find it, the drone was lost. That was back in April, so clearly Autel have an issue which hasn’t been resolved. Good luck with the insurance claim, perhaps the Idaho Quadcopter video may help to prove it can happen!

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Not looked at Autel, but on the DJI login page there is a button to manually sync from the app you use.

Hopefully you are able to pull this over.

Airdata support are pretty helpful.

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Airdata does upload the logs, but won’t display them. I’m wondering if it has an issue with the Autel Sky app that the Evo Lite + uses. I can find no references to Autel Sky just Autel Explorer. I’m getting very depressed about this, every Autel drone I buy fails. The Evo ii camera broke within a week, at least I could return that.
I have little confidence that Coverdrone will cover the loss, I have so little information to give them, just my word that it fell from the sky.

Just wondering if they are corrupt.

With DJI it is possible to manually extract the log and upload that.

Maybe worth a try if it is possible?


I’ve tried to find where to logs are on the iPhone but can’t find them🙁 No amount of googling seems to give me the answer.

Have u tried the Airdata support group on Google groups ?

No I haven’t, didn’t know such a thing existed.

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Just joined and asked the question, thanks for the info


Your in! The question you posted on the forum just ping up in my inbox, hopefully you will get an answer


They did reply to a similar question about the Autel

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Yes I’ve followed these instructions to the letter. The flights say they’ve synced but nothing appears on Airdata. OK maybe I’m just thick and missing something blindingly obvious but I’m damned if I can see the records.

@pete.mcarthur if you want to pursue the log files, I’d suggest going to your profile settings in the Autel Sky app, log out and then log back in again.

Once logged back in, then sync up to Autel again.

Give it five minutes then go to AirData and force a sync down to AirData.

Did coverdrone say why they won’t pay out?


Make sure you are logging in here with your Autel fly app credentials

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