New drone user - Portsmouth

Yea today they seem to have taken a dislike in it ? perhaps instead of like other countrys using eagles we use Gulls !

Anti-drone gulls seem to vary in their hate from location to location … and all birds are less tolerant when they have nests/young.

The gulls at Lepe Beach and Calshot have always been chilled. Those at Hythe take to the air and make a din the second the props start, before take-off, even when it’s impossible for them to see it. All locations within a few miles of one another.

I love nature and the different ways that animals behave etc…possibly the line of breading even though its close the blood line is being passed down.

Welcome Daren😎

I flew off the coast at Southwold, Suffolk and they didn’t bother the drone.

Perhaps Suffolk gulls are friendlier! :joy:

As I say - it varies between places within a few miles.

Competition for food is another thing. The worst place I’ve experienced has a lot of people feeding them fish’n’chips … and they are seriously competitive/aggressive for those.


Scarborough gulls are large very bold and aggressive! They swoop and steal peoples food unexpectedly!
Its Its interesting that behaviour in different areas is handed down from generation to generation.

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I suppose mounting machine guns on the drones might break a couple of laws! :joy: