New drone

Hi there I’m fairly new to droning,I’ve got a cheap £40 basic drone atm which is okish,but only 10 mins flite time,any suggestions for a better one that has at least 25 mins + all the bells and whistles for about £200 thx so much

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In a word, no. If you want all those features you’re going to have to pay considerably more than £200 - unless you find a cheap, used, good condition Mavic on somewhere like eBay (rare). You need to decide what you really want to do with your drone and spend accordingly. However, this in a great time to buy drones. More and more are coming out and prices are falling, slowly. I don’t claim to know everything that’s available and other members may have better suggestions but the old computer adage always comes to mind in these situations - garbage in, garbage out. :smiley:

There are a few DJI Sparks on eBay for around the £300 mark but have to agree with @Londroner, you’ll not get many bells and whistles for £200 :frowning:

What are you looking to get out of your drone mate, is it for the fun of flying or aerial photography?

Nothing’s going to come close to 25 minute battery life for £200. Drones like the mavic and phantoms are pretty ground breaking with the battery life and it’s unfortunately reflected in the price. Lightweight components and efficient vector control motors is how they achieve it and it’s not cheap.

Even racing drones only have 5-6 minute battery life.

If your only looking for something quick to fly line of site (no fpv), the bugs 3 pro looks not bad and has an advertised battery life of 22 mins.

I got the original bugs 3 for my daughter last year on an Amazon lightning deal. It’s seriously quick and a blast to fly. The pro version has GPS, return to home, and a bigger battery.
But this is more for the fun of flying, if your looking for cameras all the bells and whistles you might be better saving and looking at something used.

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Because they know you’ll have crashed loads by then, no need for more time. :wink:


I wish I could disagree, but nope, that’s my experience in a nutshell.


Speaking of which…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Flying in angle mode, what a cheat :rofl:

Photography mainly bud

Then your probably better saving for a bit and buying used DJI.

You’ve also got the Mi drone 4k that’s often on special at Bangood. Not as refined as DJI models but a cracking drone for the price. Seen it as low as £250 with a voucher code last November.