New flight Rules for UK


What are your thoughts on the 400 ft ceiling now in operation in the UK?

CAA Drone Code 2018 - PDF Download

That’s what we fly by anyway so no real change there😀


Our <7KG drones were always exempt from the 400ft ceiling cap.

I’ve flown higher on the odd occasion, probably when the drone was new to me and I was testing it’s capabilities, but to be honest you can’t see much more from say 600ft than you can from 400ft.

Besides, it’s too bloody windy up there anyway :smiley:


Like @PingSpike the MA was exempt but I did try to 600ft a couple of times just to see what it was like. However, practically 400ft is more than high enough, especially with my eyesight!


Hi , I am Jim , and I have a drone and flew my drone at 410 ft.


‘I have a drone and flew my drone at 410 ft’.

You are forgiven but please attend you local fly high anonymous club


Cripes! Where do they hold that? Wembley Stadium? … to get everyone in!
Perhaps there are multiple regional similar venues?


Flying off the side of mountains is now going to be interesting for me, how am I going to get that nice shot when I have to descend to 400 agl :frowning_face:


VERY long landing legs. Their feet have to remain below 400ft agl.
#FlyingTripod :stuck_out_tongue:


Do lengths of string with lead weights count as landing legs :smile:


Only when the string was wet and now it’s -20C and they’re frozen stiff.


If I hold the string do I get away with calling it a kite :thinking:


Yeah that’s a weird one, eh?

I can’t really see what difference it makes? A 1KG drone falling from the sky at 400ft is going to cause pretty much the same amount of damage to whatever it lands on as a drone falling from 800ft? (steep mountain example!)


As I understand it the 400 ft rule applies to where you are flying from so in theory if you are on a mountain you still have 400 ft. In a valley the same. As the dji products record height I wonder if it would now invalidate any claims if you accidental exceeded the limit?


You may want to watch the video on this recent thread …


I don’t think its anything to do with machines falling on heads, more that the further you go from your take off point away across a valley say, then the more you impinge on the airspace used by others. To put it in context (pull up a sandbag, swing the light)… during the war… no not really!,
Although, I was Army aircrew for a while and when flying other than in controlled airspace everywhere is designated as low flying area for military aircraft, and that means that if you are in a helicopter you flew below 500’ because the fast jets had a lower limit of 500’ and getting mixed up with them wasn’t a pleasant experience.
so sticking to 400’ limits the problem of confliction, doesn’t do away with it entirely but low flying ac will probably not be within 400’ of the cliff edge though.
Also looking at the order it seems that the ground is to be interpreted as the cliff face all the way down to 400’above the lower level so you can be that far away from the edge.


This is a useful illustration of the new 400ft limit:


Feet !!! I thought it was metres :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


So, not a pilot but know a few, and its mainly to keep drones and planes apart. Drones have a ceiling of 100m, planes have a floor of 100m.

Or 400ft feet depending on your brexit politics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mavic Air has limited to 100m (110m??) by default so no big deal.


The default Mavic Air height is in fact 120m. However your can change this but have to accept responsibility for doing so and avoid DJI getting the blame!

The practicalities of the 400' AGL limit in the mountains