New Forest Sunrise

My other half, who is a professional photographer was doing a model shoot early on Sunday so I decided to tag along and try and grab a couple of shots with the Mvic Mini


Love these misty morning shots! Great job Ian :+1:t2:

That first photo is good. Mind if I use as a screen background?

Hi, Please feel free to use it and thank you.

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I hope you don’t mind … I had a little bit of a “play” with that first image.


Yes, similar to my thoughts about that shot OzoneVibe. Makes a great desktop background.

Very nice, I hadn’t had a chance to play around in LR but will certainly be trying it now as it make a big difference to the whole shot!!

There’s certainly a lot more detail in there to play with.

The challenge is bringing out a little more detail without losing the emphasis on the soft mistiness :grinning:

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Which is exactly what I did.


Very nice pictures, I was flying round there last weekend :slight_smile: