New from Glasgow

got my first drone for xmas live in south side
would love to meet up with other drone users


Hi @scotspie501 welcome to GADC, what drone did you get, have you had chance to get out and fly yet ?

Hi Thanks for replying DJI mini 2
yes played around with it and watched a few you tube videos
went to the park bought it for work too

what a toy and also looked at my gutters lol

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Hi Duncan and welcome to GADC.

thanks sea hunter looking forward to picking up some tips

Welcome Duncan to GADC :slight_smile:
Enjoy the Mini 2!

Hi Duncan, welcome to GADC from another Glaswegian :+1:

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Hi Duncan and welcome. I’m just a wee bit north of you in Kirkintilloch

Hi Pete
thanks for the e-mails how do you like your drone

DJI 2 is great always worried I will lose it …lol

I’ve got both the mini 2 and the air 2, like them both. I worry about losing a drone all the time but in the couple of years I’ve been flying not managed it so far(touch wood) Highly advise insurance, reckon it’s worth it.

Hi Pete

I was flying my drone to day checking my gutters and the wind to it into them

aargh …crash but I have DJI Insurance waiting on shipping ino


Bad luck!

Hi pete
just thought i,d update you heard back today and they will replace it for £45.00 due to my insurance which I thought was ok
so heading back soon

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