New, from Retford

Hi all,

I am new to flying flying drones and recently purchased a Mavic Air.
Currently living in Retford and wanted to know where is best to fly in and around that area.
Flying around the local area has got tougher due to the recent no fly zone around Gamston Airport. Looking forward to receiving any advice or suggestions :blush: Thanks, Adam.


Hi Adam / @Adam , and welcome to GADC.

There quite a number of Mavic Air owners on the forum, so you are amongst good company, and plenty of knowledge to answer any questions you may have, that can be posted on #questions-and-answers . :+1:

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. Whilst not every member has added themselves, I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi that may also have ideas on locations.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map :+1: : How to add yourself to the Members Map )

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown. This doesn’t mean that all these places can still be flown, but hopefully gives you some ideas to pursue.

Hi Adam welcome to this place we call home and some call the madhouse
If you haven’t already download Drone assist
Ok You have the airport that’s highlighted in red but there is quite a lot of available airspace round you just avoid the red
Let us know how you get on

Hi Adam,
Welcome to the forum, I’m new to flying drones aswell and have a Mavic Air which I think is a brill little drone and so much fun you will love it.
Everyone on here has been very welcoming and helpful with any queries I’ve had. So I just wanted to say hi, join in and have fun.


Hello Adam! Another newbie here & first time drone bod. Went for the Air & no regrets, fiesty little rascals with capable camera. The support here is excellent & these guys will fast track you through the learning curve should you need it. I went from clueless to competent ( ish ) with their support. :+1: I avidly read the posts daily as this is building up my knowledge base & certainly has bolstered confidence.


Hi Adam,
Welcome to the GADC, as others have said, welcome to the place some of us call Home.
we aim to give advice to newbies that we hope will help you on your way to becoming a competent flyer.
Enjoy your time on here, get involved in the banter and drone talk.
People have found that being involved in “Meet Ups” can be a great help in getting you up in the air and feeling confident with your drone.

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Hi Adam

Welcome to the nuthouse,

Very good group of people always willing to assist

Enjoy mate

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Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to getting back out with the drone. Poor weather conditions and work commitments have hindered such plans the last couple of weeks. Anybody who flies or has any suggestions where to fly around the Retford area would be great.

Hi and welcome to GADC @adamat92 from a fellow Mavic Air flyer :wave:

Hi Adam.

I’m in Retford as well, there are about 24 members on the Retford Drone Facebook Page.
Yes, Gamston is a pain sometimes, especially is you are up Whitehouses or Ordsall way, the low flying GA planes don’t help either going stupidly low over Retford.

Where have you flown so far locally.



Hi @Trucklord. Live at the top of London road and the NFZ from Gamston comes straight over my house. I actually went over to Cottam power station but couldn’t find anywhere really suitable to fly as didn’t want to be seen by members of the public flying around a power station.

I then drove over to West Burton a got a couple of shots but the weather wasn’t great so only got about 5 minutes of flying time in.

Can you recommend anywhere around Retford? I know @sunstone had some great photos in and around Retford if you check out his profile.


Hey Eric I’m here Retford hello all