New from Yorkshire

Hi to all in the Grey Arrows Drone Club.
Found this club whilst looking around the web for drone vids, info etc and this looks like the place to be. I’m new to flying drones having only played with nanno ones in the house and crashing most of the time. I’ve got myself an eachine 520s as it’s cheap enough to learn with before I take the plunge and buy an expensive one. I live in a village called Wetwang, strange name I know, but I’m surrounded by countryside so there will be loads of places to fly. Again hi to all and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with my drone


Hi Rich and welcome to the club I’m sure someone from the top guys will be along to formally welcome you. It’s a great club very friendly and there are guys on here who have a wealth of knowledge in this great hobby etc .
I only started last August but love it even though I have not flown much yet but it’s very addictive so make sure your wallet is always flexible lol enjoy

Welcome to the group, wetwang i used to go through there every week. lovely place

Welcome. And good move. Get to grips with the throttle and controls. Lucky guy surrounded by countryside!

Hi @Smoggy welcome. I’ve been on here for several years and NEVER
heard any bickering or arguing amongs us. A great bunch of guys.
Thought you had put a “virtual” location so Googled it

Hi Rich and welcome to GADC from a sunny N. E. Lincolnshire.

Hi Rich, Welcome to GADC from one of the boys.
Don’t worry we might be in lockdown, but, we still all keep in touch on here.
Lots of experienced guys on here to be able to pick our brains on just about anything to do with drones and FPV !.
Once again, welcome and pull up a chair, pour a drink of whatever takes your fancy, and get involved in the banter.
We are really a nice friendly bunch of people once you get to know us.
We have Meet Up’s and get togethers, although not recently due to the Virus, but, when they let us out of the mental hospital we shall be redeemed, and we shall really let our hair down !.

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Second that. We never argue, or bicker, we have different opinions and view points sometimes, the same as folks have different political ‘leanings’ but the bottom line is we support each other through our love for drones and photography. Welcome.


Oh look!, here comes that loverly Nurse with with the Big T…and my little blue pill.
No! , not that one !, …I mean my “I must not Fly drones down the corridor pill”.Nurse?, can you please book me in for a bed bath in the morning, I have fuck all else to do !.
By the way?, can you please go get my drone?.
It’s in Matrons Office stuck in her arse !.


They’ll show you a thing or two! :laughing:


Oooooohhhh Matron…!


Hi Smoggy, welcome mate. " Smoggy " are you from Middlesbrough ?

No mate, I’m originally from Whitby but not that far from Middlesbrough

Welcome Rich

I’m not that far away in the shadow of Drax Power Station.

When this is all over, I’m always up for a meet and fly.

Dont be afraid to ask anything, theres a wealth of info on here ;o)

That would be good, I’ve not really flown a drone like this before so some tips would be great👍

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, great to be here :grin:

Altogether now - “On Ilkley Moor baht hat …”
Definitely no bickering or pee taking on this forum - quick note to mods - haven’t we enough Yorkies on here yet ? :upside_down_face:

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Welcome to the club @Smoggy. Enjoy!

Thanks Colin, I will

Hi, I go to Whitby every Thursday ( In normal times ) winter summer wet or dry, have always loved the place. Remember going as a kid with my family on the steam trains, yer, that’s how old I am lol. I have done a few Drone videos over Whitby and surrounding areas. I collect driftwood and make things, have walked the Cleveland way from Redcar to Scarborough . On my trips to Whitby I always seem to end up in the Whitby Brewery near the Abbey. Might see you in there one day when this lockdown ends. Take care mate and good flying.