New joiner from Hampshire


Despite having owned a Mavic Pro for over a year now I have not flown it anywhere as much I have should have. I am keen to get airborne again and looking for ideas and inspiration for locations. Ideally somewhere interesting yet quiet so that I can get a feel for the Mavic again. I live in the south of Hampshire between Southampton and Portsmouth but grateful for any suggestions in Hants and Dorset. I will check the Locations thread but thought I would mention it during my intro.



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Hi, from just north of Southampton! :+1:


I am in Hedge End, you?

Have you managed to get much in the way of flight time? Any locations you can recommend for a bit of quiet, uninterrupted flying?


Welcome aboard, not sure about your area but ai am looking forward to hearing about your adventures

I’m basically … Southampton Airport … :frowning:

From where you are, perhaps down at the coast at Stubbington, and there abouts.
Perhaps somewhere on the Hamble River … Warsash, might work.

Difficult to recommend … different things appeal to different people.
Just head out and see what takes your fancy.

I rarely have a destination in mind when I head out. This panorama was the last thing on my mind when I left home @ 5:30am … I was out, that day, for totally different reasons.


Thanks for taking the time to reply and include one of your images, very impressive! I have not taken a pano yet, let alone a 360. I enjoy photography but do need more practice. With the drone I find myself feeling rushed rather than allowing myself to relax and take a more measured approach to composition and camera settings.

If you are around the airport you are probably only about 10/15 minutes from me. I am 5 minutes from J7. I appreciate your suggestions, that is the thing I struggle with most, thinking…where shall I go? I have flown in the New Forest, along the Hamble but further away from the marinas, more the inland side of the M27, Hengistbury Head, Milford on Sea. I have not flown at all since Nov and really do want to get back in to it…I just love the different perspective you get from aerial photos and video.

I really have to get my arse in to gear, load up and head out. My shift work can get in the way which does not help but now that the better weather is upon us I am running out of excuses!!

Out of curiosity, what drone have you got?

Thanks again, much appreciated.


I have the Mavic Pro, too.

Don’t know if you’re on Instagram, but there are some drone accounts that can be worth following for two reasons …
a) they can be good for giving you ideas as to what makes a good drone photo and, as a result, makes you think of places to try and photograph, and …
b) they are often really impressive photos.

One I follow …

Many thanks. I do have an Instagram account (although I don’t use it) but I’ll certainly take a look at the one you recommend for inspiration.

Appreciate your assistance and I look forward to getting more involved in the forum and working my way through the various threads.


Hi @Sweetbaboo99 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

We’ve got a map too, which may also provide some inspiration if you’re willing to travel a bit?

Check it out:

Welcome once again mate :+1:

I love the 360 panorama, how did you put that together?
Having looked at the view I didn’t think you were allowed to fly that close to houses/urban areas, I might be wrong as I’ve only just got into this, so can you clear it up for me.
That apart we are not that far away and also Sweetbaboo99, would be nice to get local guys together sometime.

The Go4 app in Panorama mode. The app creates the image needed, but that hi-res version was created from the individual images it creates on the SD card and stitching them together in Microsoft ICE.
Displaying here “How to” : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC

Over water, if you look right down in that pano. Took off from a pontoon. So clear of people and not close to houses.

OK great might have a go g at that sometime.
I had my first real flight late this afternoon at Hengisbury, was still flying in beginner mode so only went up and out 30m.Tried out the return to home feature and that worked great landing on the landing pad I got with the Mavic, was impressed with that. Other than that was just getting used to the controls and on screen DJI go 4 app on my Samsung S8. Waiting to get out there again and get a bit more adventurous.

Many thanks, I’ll have a good look at first opportunity. Initially I would prefer to keep fairly local (maybe within 30-40 miles) until I become more experienced. I did fly it on a Norfolk beach last Sep on holiday but out of the 7 days there, 6 were too windy on the coast to get airborne ( I don’t like to take unnecessary risks). Thanks again for the welcome.

Hi Phil,

Welcome, Hopefully there will be an occasion at some point when a few of us (fairly) locals can get together to exchange ideas and get airborne.
I too have flown at Hengistbury Head, please see a couple of my photos below.


Following up on the Instagram accounts that give me ideas for things to photograph is …

Mainly helicopter pics, but they still give me ideas.

Superb pics, too! :+1:

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Hi my name is Nick I’m from Sutton in Surrey

I’m not sure if I’m posting correctly if not please can some one advise how I post

Hello Nick.

Well, your post is visible and came through on the introduction post I made recently. I suppose the answer to your question depends on whether it was your intention to post to that particular thread. I myself only joined a couple of days ago so am new to this forum but I am sure that there is plenty of help to be found.



Wow. Another incredible collection. I have a serious case of photo envy. More determined to make time to get the Mavic loaded up and taken out.

Thanks again.


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Welcome to the forum Nick, you too Chris.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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