New kid on the block - near Bedford

Hi guys, I’m new to this and as a 66 year old kid I’m going to get a Mini 2 probably in February or March and have some fun!
I live in Central Bedfordshire near Bedford and will start looking for suitable flying areas however if I’m brave enough (in time and lots of practice) I may try out flying at dusk!
Is there guidance regarding any (or recommended) strobe lights for flying in bad/low light and is it best to fit something underneath the drone?
I will also be taking the appropriate tests as my drone will likely exceed the 250gms limit once I’ve got everything sorted


Welcome Nick - for the strobe lights have a look at this thread

Those CREE Strobes are Sooo Bright! - #24 by PingSpike - loads of info.

Also have a look in the Members Only section - you’ll find there a discount code for one of the best options :+1:

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Many thanks John and I appreciate your response and advice
I’ll have a good look!

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I added a strobe similar to mentioned to a Mini2 and its still way under the 250g limit. It makes it a lot easier to see when overcast or dark.

The standard test on the CAA site is pretty straight forward, logical and you can see the various rules whilst you do it. I am looking at doing the next level too ( A2CoC ), more out of interest than need.


Hi Christopher many thanks for your email

I too will sit the CAA test once I get my Mini 2 and I wish you good luck with the ( A2CoC ) one

Best Regards,

Nick Costain.



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Hi Nick and welcome,
I too live in Central Beds on the Beds/Cambs border between Sandy and St Neots
Been flying almost a year now since I retired in Feb 2020.
I am also (almost) 66 years old, so the coincidences just keep on coming !!
looking forward to the end of lockdown so that I can get back out again.
As I have said before the only issues with living where we do is that there are. a lot of airfields (both active and historical ) which still show on the various maps/apps as restricted areas, but you can still fly as long as you take the necessary precautions.
Good luck with your purchase in Feb / March whatever you go for, I have the Mini 1 but from what I have read the Mini 2 is a phenomenal piece of kit.

Hi Chris appreciate your email and it’s contents
I will be a pilot sometime soon for sure!
I’ll let you know
Kind regards

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I just finished the A2 CofC course, the company i done it with (coptrz) ask for 4 hours logged flight time, 2 hours of which must be after enrolling on the course. Bit of a pain but i just finished logging that time today (luckily there is an old factory site right beside where i live so i can do that during the current restrictions). Once they check that they will send me a link to do the exam, this is currently being done remotely you need a pc with a camera and mic, so the examiner watches and makes sure you are not cheating. once coptrz have checked all my logs and made sure thats ok they will send me a link to sit it. Its certainly worth doing, the course is free to do, to sit the exam is £58.

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Did my A2CofC last November - you should have no problem passing the exam - good luck :+1: :+1: :+1:

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The deed is done and a new Mini 2 is ‘now on order!
Hope to be up in the air soon.
Thanks John I now have my new toy and have flown 3 times,wicked!
Lights to follow!

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Hi there
New member and a youngster to this at 58
I’m near’ish to Bedford
Have you got any good areas for video shoots around you way. Not long until restrictions lift
I am out and about as a lorry driver but weather/wind has meant mini 2 lives in its carry bag :sob: all the best :+1:

Hi I live close to the Forest Centre in Marston but not flown over or near it yet
There are a few fields around and I’ve used 1 so far
Beware as Cranfield Airfield isn’t far from here and the 5K no fly zone limit applies!
Happy flying

That’s a great place :sun_with_face: we had a walk round the huge lake there a couple of years back. Wow I would love to get some video of that place.
Yes I get dji warnings for RAF Henlow even when I hover in my back garden :crazy_face:
All the best :+1:

Lovely area and I will have a crack at this sometime soon (weather permitting)
Ok so if you download the Drone Assist app it shows all hot spots and no go zones/ airfields etc etc