New laws going through parliament today - 30th May 2018


If not then it will probably just be a certificate to produce if asked which in reality will probably be never.


I’d far rather the government spent their time and efforts, and MY/OUR money, sorting us out from the #Bexit #BexShit mess we’re in … in either direction would be better than the stalemate limbo we seem to have managed. #WhichIsSeriouslyOffTopic:stuck_out_tongue:

No additional legislation is needed. Endangering the flight of an aircraft already carries a far higher maximum penalty than they’ll ever attach to “drone flying”. All this flimflam won’t stop an idiot.

Edit: I must use “flimflam” more often. :wink:


I honestly thought it was going to be much worse after reading the EASA proposed regulations NPA 2017-05.

That is just a total mind fuck.

Talk about over complicating things.


if there were not a few other considerations to take into mind … like not being a total fuckwit … when the new legislation comes in I’d be seriously tempted to run Litchi missions around the Houses of Parliament whilst I cycled to a new location, updated the RTH location to where I was and end the mission with a rapid RTH … and just see what they can really do to even FIND me, let alone stop me.
Add in some big batteries and a crazy 10 mile radius operating area …. :rofl:


Don’t count your chickens chaps, the drone bill is still coming as well as this change, they are not the same I don’t think

As far as the registration goes I predict this will be handed over to somebody like BMFA


And so?
a) How will I be forced to register?
b) Even if I’m registered, how will they know it was me flying at a certain location at a certain date/time?




haha, I want that job!

Actually they’ll probably need to trade in the van for a small, one-man helicopter. Lot of drones to chase around the country! :wink:


I’d be happy to pay a one-off fee for competence of up to £200 as long as I could do the occasional paid for commercial flight. Until then £1000 - £1500 is too much and I’ll just stay a hobbyist.


Ok my take on this is

Somewhere someone has pissed off someone else flying there drone and have complained but because they have MONEY and a mate who is an MP or such like has thought lets get the bastards
This is now all our fault because we are VERY NAUGTY BOYS

And all because they are ready available and some bright sparks have been using them to drop things into prisons and dick heads who think flying over an airfield is considered a must.

end of rant


I think it’s simpler than that. It’s been a pet story of the media for 2 or 3 years.
Any “drone” story is always (!) accompanied by a photo of a DJI Phantom, 99.9% of the time with no proof that any drone existed, let alone the make/model known.
After a few years of media villainization, the government has been forced to take a stance.


That and pressure from the EASA and european comission I reckon.

They have been pushing their new regulations and as a current member state we might to implement them depending on timescales.

This first round of regulations seem like a step towards standardising european regulation. Further regulations would follow if the EU manage to push it through this year.


I think it has to be this, otherwise you’ve got 50,000 second hand drones on eBay that’ll all need ownership detais changing!

DJI AeroScope will grass you up :rofl:

AeroScope again I guess, or flight logs? Assuming of course it’s a DJI drone, otherwise they’ve no chance!

I read an interesting comment to this announcement on theregister today. I’ll completely show my ignorance here by saying I’ve no idea WTF he’s on about, but it didn’t make me think…

Here’s their article:

And the comment in question was:

Twice in one day (thanks to Brexit) have I been able to point out that this bill won’t be debated in this parliament, or the next. so is also five years off. At least.

WTF is that all about?!


:see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


Full disclosure… I have not watched that video.


And I think it’s simpler than that. We, the law-abiding recreational users, are merely an annoyance. A lot of big money is being invested in drone deliveries, drone surveillance and commercial drone operations of many other kinds. Our skies are set to be full of drones going about their lucrative business, all far more of a threat to aviation traffic that we with our dinky Mavics are. Pressure is on governments to produce legislation to manage that potential drone traffic now rather than later - and we get caught in the net at best or used as scapegoats at worst.

At least that’s my opinion.


Am i correct in thinking that my MP limits me to 400 feet above my point of take off (at default setting)? So if I fly from a hilltop it would be possible to go over the limit by accident?


Not sure if it’s by default but there is a setting where you can limit the height yourself. The app allows you to fly up to 500m.

And yes, you can fly above tye limit from the top of a hill if you have your ceiling set at 120m


I presume the registration will work like the FAA one, it was really simple I paid $3 and they emailed me a registration number and a certificate to fly in the USA the only tricky bit was sticking the number on the drone.
And the ‘test’ will probably be a few questions on common sense like the DJI one that appeared a while back.
For me I have no issues with any of it, it should keep the anti drone mob quite for a few weeks :wink:


Exactly. It’s just an exercise of lip service that achieves nothing … because even a small fee and a sticker isn’t enforceable, and will be ignored by 90% of people (and 100% of idiots) as a result.