New laws going through parliament today - 30th May 2018


I’ll tell you why these rules are coming. Just go to youtube and check out all the rule breakers.


But the “rules” won’t make a blind bit of difference!
There’s ample legislation already in place with, serious penalties, that are both already ignored by pilots and not used to prosecute.
Another layer of reiterative, totally unenforceable, legislation will not do a thing … other than keep a few moaning people quiet because they seem to understand even less than the people breaking current rules.


The 400ft limit in GO4 is on by default, and that’s 400ft above the point from which you take off. So if the hilltop is 600ft up, you can still fly 400ft above that.

Well, technically as you’re under 7KG you can fly at any height you wish, but to keep it sensible and relatively safe, most people stick to the 400ft limit.

This comes back to @callum’s suggestion that its the operator who is registered and then perhaps we simply stick our CAA number on every drone we own.


Wander if that means that dji will roll out new firmware limiting the altitude of our drones?:thinking:


I doubt it - because they need to produce a drone that will fly in each country and heights limits vary by country.


What do the new laws say about " Line of Sight "
Will there be a distance limit from the operator ?

This Youtube video shows a line of sight flight.
Not once in the entire flight was the drone hidden by trees or anything else,
but actually physically seeing
any drone after 500 metres distance is a bit of a joke.



The new laws don’t have to say anything about VLOS.
Existing legislation already defines “Visual Line of Sight” as being able to see it without optical assistance.


I think this is generally all good and easily workable.
It’s great to see proposals being put forward based on facts and scientific evidence, not pandering to the ever-hysterical pilots’ union.

DJI fliers actually already carry out registration and training already; we just don’t realise.
You have to assign your DJI-registered email in the Go 4 app in order to take it out of beginner mode. And now you have to pass their safety quiz that used to be optional. DJI are working flat out with regulators to show how they can control and enforce these sorts of rules.

So when training becomes mandatory, it will all be done through the App, or linked via your email to the CAA training and registration. Or you’ll be stuck in beginner mode.
The Govt has stated they want all drones to be flown via Apps to force this element and to enable the use of NFZ databases.

Last year there was an update to the user agreement of the Go 4 app that specifically allows DJI to share your drones registration details, email and location info with third parties. They literally can track down who is flying where.
But as I said, none of this is actually bad stuff, and hopefully will help our cause against the press who seem to hate us almost as much as the pilots union.
I think the 1Km zone will probably be from the boundary of controlled air space, but we’ll have to wait for the actual details. In the meantime, here’s my take:



Just thinking about this proposed 1Km from an airport’s boundary, I live near Manchester Airport and find this a bit disturbing if they mean just the boundary. There are a lot of aircraft on final approach to runway 23 right that are probably lower than 400 feet yet are outside the airport’s boundary by 1Km. What would make more sense is if you are 1Km away from the final approach flight path as opposed to just the airport’s boundary, let’s face it, 1Km is only 5/8 of a mile in imperial measurement.