New member from Bolton

Good Morning,

I have recently purchased my first drone and keen to develop my flying skills, look forward to getting out and taking some good pictures and videos.



Welcome to the group, Lot’s of info to be had and a good set of people :+1:

Welcome to GADC Terry.

Hi from Wigan @TerryG :wave:t2:

Who said “Wiggin” ??? Bloody pie eaters get everywhere. :upside_down_face:

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im in Bolton, and have a mavic 2 pro. if you want some areas to fly ,. I have 4 that are close to me

im in breightmet

HI @stevelyt

I have a couple of sites i have scouted out, queens park and hulton lane playing fields… I am also going to get upto winter hill… I have spent many a good time walking around there… I’m sure I can get some good videos to share



I fly around leverhulme park

@TerryG - be wary around Winter Hill. The transmissions from the masts up there can and do cause issues with GPS and relevant issues.

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@sparkman999 didn’t you used to live in Bolton :wink:

Mmm I think so

There he is , hey up dad

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all reet son

Welcome from Bolton Terry
as BCF said Rivvy can be a little scary with the aerials up there can be an instant loss of signal
Be aware
be careful in the parks as you will need to keep your distance and not because of the big “C”


Thanks for the information, I am keeping an eye out for people in the park although at 7.45am there are not many people there anyway… I was using hulton lane park until a posse of travellers decided to take refuge there in there caravans…

I am thinking of flying down the bottom of winter hill escarpment and keeping away from the masts for obvious reasons.

Hello @sparkman999, nice to see you back on the Forum !.
How life with thee?.

I’m good Chris how’s you and retirement?

Examiner what’s that all about (need to pick your brains as I let things laps so didn’t renew last year and haven’t a clue what to do)

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Hey @TerryG I’m in Atherton. Hope you enjoy it here. I am. I’m quite new to flying. Thanks for the tips about winterhill @BCF I had considered heading up there. But think I’ll head to rivvy and lakes round there instead.

I hope you enjoy your flying… just passed my A2 CofC and ready for some serious flying now