New member from coventry

Good evening all.
New member here, thought I would say hi.
Appreciate being asked to join. It’s great when a bunch of people get together to create these groups to share knowledge and experience.

I am from coventry, I wasn’t sent here (some older folk will get that - I hope) haha.

I am currently flying a Mavic mini and awaiting some goodies to makes sure it stands out and is visible.

So new skin and strobe led.

Hope to have some input and read a lot more from this group.




Hi Dave and welcome, I’m sure you’ll find us a friendly lot, if a bit sarcastic at times. Enjoy the group, you know it can get quite addictive, just like this hobby.


Hi Steve Thankyou very much.
I will have a route round the forum and post when I can. Hope to learn a lot and enjoy it as you said :smiley:

And hopefully get some flights done and post from that. Although the weather is not playing ball currently.

Hi Dave / @bunney_david, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

An ever increasing number of our members also own a Mavic Mini … so you are amongst good company.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the woods, some of whom I’m sure will come and say Hi.

The forum’s search functions are a very efficient way to find previous threads and posts that might already have covered topics in which you are interested in learning more or answer that niggling question but, when this doesn’t turn up what you’re after, there’s a wealth of knowledge amongst the members, so ask away over on #questions-and-answers.

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.

Please also take a moment to look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ .

Welcome aboard!


Hi OzoneVibe.

Thankyou very much.
I did download an app today regarding where to fly called drone assist. Not sure what your thoughts are on it or if you have seen it or even use it?
I thought before I even try and get proficient in flying it’s best to understand where you can/can’t fly. And get used to apps designed to aid. I’ve seen video after video and reports of minis getting blown away due to headwind and a host of other errors. I also downloaded UAV forecast a few weeks back to at least try and give an indication of windspeeds at heights to avoid a blow away seeing as the mini is sooooo light.

Hello and welcome David.

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Drone Assist is an accurate app of areas where flying is controlled, to a greater or lesser extent, and areas where caution needs to be taken.

Forecasts … well … they are just that, and there are plenty of them to chose between.,Actual conditions can, and often do, vary considerably from what forecasts predict. We can all tell when there’s no wind, and when it’s blowing a hooley, so it’s easy to turn to a forecast to make a decision when things are marginal.
Nothing beats trusting you own assessment before taking off and, when conditions are a little more near the limit, flying with caution.
It’s also better to fly into the wind when it’s more breezy, because at least your drone will be blown back toward you, rather than away from you, if is struggles with the wind.

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Welcome to the club Dave,
As a ‘local lad’ (I live in Nuneaton and work in Cov) I wanted to say Hi.
We have an active group of fliers in this area so it would be great to meet-up with you at our next ‘FLY’
I’ll make sure you get included on an invite.
Other local guys are @notveryprettyboy, @anon34183503 @evilbobbins and one of our local meet places is Hawkesbury old golf course land.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @bunney_david and welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us mate :smiley:

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Good morning and a warm welcome to this fine establishment.

Be sure to sign up for the free GADC tattoo across the knuckles! …

Very much pulling ya leg there @bunney_david :grin: :wink:

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Welcome from Coventry!

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Hi David,
And welcome to the best drone forum in the Country.
Many like minded people for you to “Pick brains” with, who have a variety of drones.
Pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and get involved in the day to day banter.
More importantly, get out there and fly to your hearts content.
Keep your eyes open for Fly-Ins /Meets of people in your area and get to know some of “The Boys”.

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Hi Dave

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Hi Dave and welcome to GADC.

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Hi Dave Welcome

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Evening all.
Thought I would share my progress. Although it’s not pics or video from flight.
Received my custom skin from decal girl and applied it. What are your thoughts.

Now need some dry weather to get out there and get some aerial photos.

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Nice one @bunney_david :+1:t2:

Check out some others here:

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Like the bird, looks really smart.
Not sure on controller though :thinking: :thinking: maybe because it doesn’t have the screen which I’m used to.
Nice job all the same :+1: :+1:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome dude. Nice little mavic you have there…

Have you thought about flying fpv?

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Cheers Steve,

Hopefully it can get some real flight time in.
Just still waiting for the rain to go away , I believe is the polite way of saying it.