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New to this forum but it looks really interesting. I am living in Helston, Cornwall, although new to drones I started taking photos back in 1993 whilst at sixth form.

A designer and programmer by trade I bought a drone to try and get some photos for clients in and around Cornwall. Always up for a chat and happy to help where I can.

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Hi @KernowRed and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Have you seen our members map? (Click the burger-menu in the top right) You may find some pilots living near you. :+1:t2:

We’re a well established club with many knowledgeable members so it’s very likely that any issues you come across will have been discussed here before. Our discussion forum has very powerful search features which should help you find what you need but if you get stuck you can post a new question in the #questions-and-answers category.

Looking for recommendations of places to fly? Check out our interactive map on Drone Scene - be sure to log in to gain access to the full suite of features and map layers:

And please feel free to add locations of your own too.

Please also take a moment to look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ as we’re quite different to other clubs and you’ll be eligible for some rather exclusive club discounts as your membership level increases :blush:

Welcome once again!

Hi Tim - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Tim and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

@KernowRed Hi Tim welcome to the club

@KernowRed Welcome to the forum you will gain so much info and knowledge here.
BTW, If you could find some good places locally then post them here as i’m in Helston next month for a break and was hoping to fly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

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@Speedbird Thats great, we are slightly unlucky in Helston as we have RNLS Cauldrose next door and Predannack Air Field towards the Lizard. Both of which have NFZ. I have flown a few times within this but its mainly after 3pm on a Friday and at weekends and MUST but done with full permission from the Control Tower who controls both areas. To be fair they are always very helpful and polite.

I would post locations but don’t have access just yet. The main areas I have flown are Flat Lode, Perranuthnoe, Tregonning Hill, Argal Reservoir and Poldhu to name a few.

I am planning more flights soon now autumn is coming, but I have been away.

NFZ are imposed DJI rubbish, not to be confused with official FRZ

I was down there in July and the M2P wouldn’t take off at Lands End as DJI thinks it’s in a restricted zone, whereas the drone safety apps show Lands End airport’s runway extension zones don’t reach as far as the coast. That was disappointing as I had the phone numbers for Culdrose and Predannack to ask their permission. No point if the software has other ideas! I managed to fly at Church Cove and Dollar Cove.

Sorry @milkmanchris I meant FRZ

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