New member from Malvern

Hi all

New member here, I was invited to join by Rich, Great looking site you have!

I’ve recently purchased a Mavic air which is my first drone. I’ve sadly no been able to have a flight yet, various reasons, main being the android software playing up :frowning: Very much looking forward to getting the drone up in the air, and finding some great places to fly.


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Hi James

I also have an Air (im also a James!) which I havent flown as her who must be obeyed wont let me have it until Friday… It’s in this house somewhere! :grinning:!

Nice part of the world to get some shots where you are.



Hi there @jamesbill_uk and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

And the other one… the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: weather!!

It’s grounded nearly all of us for weeks on end :cry:

As mentioned via email, feel free to post some questions about your Andriod issues, it’s entirely possible someone here has seen the issue before.

Welcome once again :+1:

Many thanks guys :slight_smile:

Wondering weather purchase a second hand iPad mini to fly the mavic with,

Welcome to GADC, James. Good to have you with us. An iPad mini will definitely help (make sure it’s a later version) as, sadly, it’s a known fact that DJI software works better on iOS devices than Android ones. I’m a lifelong iOS man so it’s never been a problem for me but I’ve heard of so many Android users having trouble.

May well give that ago :slight_smile: I’ve always had iPhones, recently a 7 plus, the go 4.0 software worked brilliantly on that, seemed much more smooth. I have a Note 8 now on an upgrade, seems to be lots of battery drain with the software which is a pain, and won’t let me complete the first firmware update…

James; welcome to the group. I have had no issues on Android. Apart from remote not gonna ring to bird. But a quick restart of phone fixes that issue… running a mavic pro, with a samsung J5. Firmware rolled back to .400 for various reasons. Nothing to do with Android though…lol

Same here! No Android issues.

Good to know :slight_smile: Do you get the battery drain?

… as in the RC charging the phone when connected?
Yes - all Androids will. (Unless you root the phone/device and install an app to prevent that.)

But, is it a problem?
Nope - not found it to be. If both RC and device are kept charged, you’re good for more than 3 batteries.
When trekking and with 4+ batteries, I take an external battery pack (Anker 26,800mAh) with me to keep phone and RC (and other USB things) charged between flights. That combo hasn’t left me short of power for longer than the MP batteries will last. Indeed … using that method nothing has reached 50%, let alone gone below.

What’s happening here, is the controller trying to charge itself using the phones battery or something?

You can do a firmware update via your computer - might be easier?

Both the Windows and the Mac versions of DJI Assistant are here: Mavic Air - Product Information - DJI

Many thanks guys. With the battery drain, this was the next day, I had closed the app after I last used it. When I came to check the phone, there was a warning saying the DJI app was draining the battery fast.