New Member from Woking in Surrey

Hi all

New member from Woking, Surrey! Owned Mini 1 and now Mini 2.

Not been doing much flying recently due to lockdown, weather and being near a CTR2 zone which means I have to travel to fly.

Done a few flights pre lockdown around Guildford, hopefully a picture of the old castle attached.

All licences done and tests passed, will be looking to increase my drone stable soon - will be keeping an eye on Ebay for some older bargains to get my confidence up. Really looking for some drones that have waypoints and are compatable with Litchi & Dronelink (got both apps for the Mini 1 - hopefully mini 2 soon!)

The new rules are interesting, and will be interested to see how they turn out.

Happy Droning!





Remember to add yourself to the members map!


Thanks Ned!

Will try - cant seem to at the moment - will try another browser…



Welcome Mike to GADC :slight_smile:


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There’s more than that, surely? :smiley:

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Everyone’s got a cycling proficiency badge, so I left that out :slight_smile:

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Just the stuff to get the mini in the air legally! I am looking into the detail on the further courses - and will probably take the relevant ones over the course of this year, as looks like i wont be getting out of the house that much!

Any advice appreciated - wont be doing anything commercially, just want to further my understanding, and look to get some larger models later down the line.

Cheers all!


I’ve got a 1 length swimming badge!

Sewn on your trunks ?

I once interviewed a lad who listed it on qualifications :wink:

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It was on the bottom left hand side of my trunks (so proud)!

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Decided to go and get my A2. Purchased the course - now going to learn and do the mocks!

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Is that because of Fairoaks (EGTF)?

Probably Farnborough.

Not that a CTR stops one flying a drone. :man_shrugging:

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Looks more ‘Fairoaky’ to me unless I’m missing something…

I’m not sure of the OP’s precise location.

Agreed - I’ve got the necessary permission forms and contacts details for Fairoak in case the OP might want to fly in their FRZ.


Probably missing that CTR2 is for Farnborough? :wink:

I saw that. Woking isn’t under it.

“Woking” might be a general location?

But …

Fairoaks has no related CTR, and the only “CTR 2” in that area is most definitely Farnborough.related.

That’s true.

I take your point about CTR2 - I missed that on my first read. I was only trying to offer help with regards to Fairoaks.

@manaesh Where exactly are you located?


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Hi All

I am located in Knaphill, (i will update my profile location when this is fixed) and the Farnborough CTR2 (the extended triangle area that is over Brookwood) starts around 400m away from my location. (The Bizjets turn onto ILS over my house at around 2000ft) That combined with the Fairoaks FRZ starting near the otherside of my location means that i normally travel a good distance to away to family (Guildford, Bookham & Dorking area) to ensure i am completely safe.

The CTR2 says from 0 meters so I assume that I am not allowed to do anything in this area - which is a shame as there is some stunning countryside over that way that I view on our walks.

@Ned - interesting on the permissons to fly in the FRZ - could you provide me with more details? I would love to do some droning up near Chobham common, as that looks spectacular. Obviously when we are out of the current lockdown and allowed to reengage with our hobby!

Cheers all!