New member in Arnold Nottingham

Hello, New to aerial photography/videography but experienced drone and real helicopter pilot. Hope to see some people out and about!


Hi Russ - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Russ… just down the road in Gedling and also have a MA2 of which I have been flying for just over a year now.

Hope to see you out and about too.


hey theres like 3 of us in Stapleford :slight_smile: nice to see you here!

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Welcome Russ Cob-Ham… could it be the Russ I knew years ago from Notts? :thinking:

Hi Russ, Welcome. I’m over in Kimberley near J26.

Welcome Russ I’m in Hempshill Vale hope to see you about

Could well be. Sorry I cannot place the name. How do we know each other?

Did you used to work at Nottm scuba?

Might have placed you fella. Did you learn with your wife/partner (sorry names are adrift) tall, slim with long dark hair? (The wife/ partner, not you!!!)

Suppose that is a yes to the question!

Yup, you have me placed spot on, albeit she’s history (has been for a long while now).

I’m living in York now but pop back down Notts fairly regular to see mates and family.

I trust your keeping well?

Welcome Russ. I’m in Bingham. Hope to see you about.

Yes mate thanks! All good!