New member in the north

I’m a Londoner living in the frozen north…does that make me crazy, a southern spy (southern shandy drinker according to a few around here) or a convert to the great northern way of life?

Hi @TimD

Me too!

Were you north or south of the river? And did you move north east or west?

I was born in south London (Wimbledon) and got shipped “t’up norf” in 2000, moved to Manchester back then, now living in Wigan :+1:

And what do you fly Tim?

Welcome dude. You make it sound like you have gone up to defend the wall :joy:


You mean, THE wall?!?


All this talk of the north. I guess that makes us Scottish members wildlngs?:grinning:



Winter is coming
Sorry I mean summer…
Great programme but hate the wait time last season GOT I mean

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Next thing you know, Mance Rayder will be joining GADC :scream:

Born in Teddington, degree at Kingston Poly (as was), lived in Chiswick for a while, then went overseas on and off for the next 15 years and when I came back my employer had moved to Doncaster - very inconsiderate.

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