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Hi All.

New Stafford based member looking for suitable locations to fly around Stafford, Stone, Stoke.

Cannock chase looks good and blithfield reservoir looked good but is listed as having minor Airfield nearby.

I’ve been told Chartley Castle is no go.

Stafford Castle is listed on here.


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Welcome to the group, Enjoy your stay :+1:

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Hi Steve and welcome to GADC.

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Hi Steve, welcome to the site, I’m sure some local members will be able to advise on local areas to get you started. Enjoy.

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Hi @Steveg76 and welcome to GADC.

Good choice with the Phantom 3 and Mini, lots of guys here have one, the other or both, and have shared some great images and videos.

Looking for somewhere to fly, check out Drone Scene you can log in with your GADC details, its a great resource, all from our members flying experiences.

Most of all enjoy your stay with us, a great friendly bunch, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have

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Hi @Steveg76 I’m new here too. Think I’m going to enjoy it.


Minor airfields aren’t a big deal as long as you stay out of their area (check the NATS map) and below 400ft. I have loads around me and to be honest the pilots are more likely to break the rules than you are in my experience.

I’m new today. Still learning everything around this hobby very slowly lol

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I’m a good friend with the farmer who owns Abbots Bromley airfield adjacent to Blithfield Reservoir having conducted his flight tests for many years. Feel free to PM and I can pass on his details so you can give him a call if you’re planning to fly nearby.

ATB Cookie

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