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hi I’m a new member to the club. I would like to get started flying. I have been reading all the great posts and being a total beginner what is the best kit to start on? I’ve met a chap who favours the Parrot 2 but I see most seem to favour the Mavic range either Air or Pro?
2nd question is it good practice to look into the training CAA etc or just get out and have some fun ?

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Welcome aboard! Great to have you here.

People choose different drone for different reasons, what is your budget and what do you want to do with it? Do you want a bit of a fly with a few snaps or to get into more serious photography and video?

As for learning, get to know the drone code and if you want to brush up on flying skills 5ere are a few simulators about hat can give you a feel for it

Hi @BigE and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

The Mavic Pro was my first drone… I was dubious at first though, what if I crash it, etc!

But I needn’t have worried, it’s a great piece of kit which (provided you’re not being stupid with) practically flies itself.

I’d check out either the DJI Spark or the Mavic Air perhaps? Both are great bits of kit!

I’d say get out there and have some fun!

If you can meet up with another GADC member (where are you based?) you’ll pick up loads of tips.

If you’re still unsure after a while, then look in to the training. Be advised though, most of the CAA training is around operations manuals, not the actual flying aspect.

Welcome once again :+1:

I am new around here too - welcome.


Welcome to the best and friendliest U.K. Drone forum - there’s none better.:+1::+1::+1::+1:

IMHO stick with DJI - they are world leaders for very good reasons. For my first DJI drone, I would go for the Mavic Air - considerably cheaper than the Mavic Pro (so less regrets financially if anything goes untoward with it) and virtually the same re its abilities compared to the Mavic Pro. The Spark is worthy of attention if you’re happy recording at 1080 and have no need for higher resolution.

CAA training courses are very expensive :imp: and, as @PingSpike says, they are designed and intended for commercial operators and center around their business Operations Manual and not flying skills - in fact you need to be a reasonably accomplished flyer to pass the skills test in the CAA courses. Try to contact another member near to where to live for some practical help - we’re very friendly and most will oblige if possible.

Hello to all and thanks for the replies.
I was thinking of recording at the higher resolution and with the flight time sounds like it will be one of the DJI’s. (Like the idea of practically flies itself:grin:).
I’m Bolton based and work for myself, so I do have some flexibility with my days. If anyone is out flying probably after the Easter Hols,(next two weeks) please let me know

I think we have more members in the north west than in any other region - you’ll not be short of people here to meet up with :smiley:

Hmmm! Bolton-based eh? Me too! Well more Westhoughton actually.

My suggestion still stands and I will abide with it - if you fancy a meet, let me know. I have both the Spark and the Mavic Pro.

I’m totally flexible as I’m retired (apart from the last two weeks in May when I’m off to Northern Europe to follow the campaign trail of Easy Company, 101st P.I.R. (as immortalised in Band of Brothers mini-tv series a few years ago).

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All the DJI products are pretty easy to fly. I started in beginner mode for a few days. Which restricts height and distance to a very short tether. But gradually extend when get more confident. Try all the features in a clear open field where there is nothing to hit or worry you. Mavic Air has more sensors - so even safer for beginner.