New memory card


Guys what micro SD card do you guys use, reason I ask is the one that I have used past month since buying me Mavic Pro Platinum was the additional fly pack one I had which was a 32GB

I have however just been browsing and just ordered a bigger card 64GB that is also Sandisk extreme 4K , this got me looking at current card and it’s not a extreme card so I’m wondering if I’m doing me Mavic an injustice here with the recording

This is what I’ve ordered


Looks fine to me !
That’s the Extreme Plus, should be even better than the other !


Agree with you Chris. Get the fastest you can.
On You Tube, 501 Drones, has a great short video explaining all the different symbols used on memory cards, and which is best for our use.


Oh right cheers, I’ll have a look at that. :+1: