New question old problem

Hi all again,the Muppet is back. I’ll start from the beginning problem one was can’t get photos or videos from drone to iPad or iPhone problem solved thanks to you all that’s were the muppets come from. I forgot to mention I was trying to use iPhone and smart controller together it’s a no no :thinking: anyway the problem now is go out have a good time take what you think is some good photos and videos you prepared your self to see what you have taken by viewing on the smart controller see what you like then hit the down load button!! THEN you get a message can only download JPEG’s and H 264 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: What the f. Have I done wrong now it’s all the same equipment all DJI please help before this drone fly’s without power.:triumph:

Are you shooting jpeg and raw, or just raw ?

Maybe you have h265 video decoding set too ?

I’m not sure what it’s set at but you would have thought too start it’s all default settings for muppets like me who is starting from ground up