New start in Glasgow

Hello from Glasgow, Scotland. First time on forums so bear with me if I’m posting in the wrong place and making an arse of it. :+1:t2:


Hi @KingJimmyThe3rd and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Have you seen our members map? (Click the burger-menu in the top right) You may find some pilots living near you. Feel free to add yourself to the members map too :+1:t2:

We’re a well established club with many knowledgeable members so it’s very likely that any issues you come across will have been discussed here before. Our discussion forum has very powerful search features which should help you find what you need but if you get stuck you can post a new question in the #questions-and-answers category.

Looking for recommendations of places to fly? Check out our interactive map on Drone Scene - be sure to log in to gain access to the full suite of features and map layers:

And please feel free to add locations of your own too.

Please also take a moment to look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ as we’re quite different to other clubs and you’ll be eligible for some rather exclusive club discounts as your membership level increases :blush:

Welcome once again!

At last I can say it!!!

C U Jimmy, welcome from the Black Country.

Hahaha at least I made somebody happy :joy:

Cheers for the welcome.

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Nay bother pal!


Thanks for the info. I’ll navigate my way around it and hopefully be fluid with it in no time.:+1:t2:

Hi Jimmy and welcome to GADC. You wouldn’t happen to be the guy with the dogs, I was chatting to in Redlees Park this morning are you?

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Hi John, I certainly am, yes.
Thanks for recommending the club.

I was surprised to find out your JC photography too, I seen you were close by me years ago on Google maps and admired your photography.

It’s a small world after all.

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No worries Jimmy :+1: Yes it certainly is a small world! Looks like you are not far from me in Drumsagard too, thought I saw you turn right on HB at the roundabout as I turned left?

Cheers :blush: :blush:

Yeah quite literally round the corner. The penny dropped to who you were when I seen you take a left as I remember you saying you shot weddings.

I’m glad you took the left, it felt like I’d followed you from the car park😂

aw naw man, the weegies are gonae be gangin’ up on us soon

Welcome aboard Jimmy

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You mean… :grinning:


Hi @KingJimmyThe3rd and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Obviously, I’m using the proper ENGLISH spelling of the word! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

welcome to the forum

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Hahaha it shouldn’t take many of us :wink:

Cheers Joe, I’m glad I was pointed in this direction.

I tried replying but I’m still finding my way around here.

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Hi James - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks Onanist, it’s good to be here. I don’t know many/any other drone users till I bumped into two today.

Thanks for the welcome :+1:t2:

Hi Jhdee. Thanks, it’s good to be here. I’ve had a warm welcome so far. :+1:t2: