New starter. Bournemouth

Hi I’m a new starter and interested in flying but don’t know where to fly as I need to practice to gain basic skills anyone out there that can advise,I live in the Bournemouth area.

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HI @Fraggle and welcome to GADC we have got quite a few members down your way, I’m sure someone will be along soon to say hello.

In the meantime check out our sister site DroneScene for ideas on where to fly

Hi @Fraggle and welcome to GADC.

Hi and thankyou for your response.

Hi Fraggle and welcome!

What are you flying?

I’m in Southbourne, and have flown at various locations along the beach a fair amount off season.

I’ve done some practice flying at Stanpit Rec in Christchurch.

Have a look at the map, you’ll there are quite a few local flyers.

Hi @Fraggle welcome to the forum

Hey @Fraggle, I’m in Poole.

You want a nice big open space! Slades Farm is pretty good for practice and basics and not too busy on the west field normally. We’re spoilt locally for places to fly, easier to list where you can’t! Obviously following the drone code and common sense but parks/beaches/farmers fields/landmarks are fair game, just not near the airport!
You might already know but you’re not allowed to take off or land on National Trust land- bit of a grey area about flying OVER it as they can’t control that but common sense prevails :wink:

What are you flying?

Click their profile :wink:

But that involves moving my hand all the way from the keyboard to the mouse and having to click!

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Hi I’m flying Mavic pro/Mavic mini thanks for the advice.

Hi I’m flying a mavic pro/ mavic mini.

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Nice combo, I’m flying my second Mavic Pro after taking the other one swimming