New to drones and need some help - North Wales nr Colwyn Bay

It’s instant.

Welcome aboard :smiley:

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Hiya Tony, I’ll be in Rhyl on Tuesday next week to pick up the grandkids. I might be able to get away from them for half an hour or so if you can get over there.

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Hi Dragon
I live in Bodelwyddan, I am quite busy but I am sure I can find time to meet up and help.
Give me a call tomorrow [ADMIN EDIT: NUMBER REMOVED]

@KevNesbitt We’ve edited your post to remove your personal mobile number from public view.

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I sorted the SD Card problem. It was all related to the SD Card readers. I purchased a new one and all working fine now, managed to read the files and play them.

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just a quick tip you mentioned the overheating issue when you tried to download the pics about the drone switching off this can also happen if you are doing firmware updates as well
the easiest solution is to have a fan of some description ,blowing over the drone to help dissipate the heat when it is not in flight

Great to hear you sorted out the problem!
All new tech is a learning process, so don’t give up. The Mini is a great all rounder and all you need to do is practice in a quiet open area