New to drones!

Yes I find the ex5 good fun at the min still learning and experimenting
As for props I sent for some ex5 ones from AliExpress only took 3 weeks to get here but as yet not needed any done a fair few flight now including on the coast near flamborough head pictures aren’t the best neither is the video quality wise but for beginners and for getting practice it’s fine

are they identical size and shape to the “originals”? The ones I got on amazon seem to be harder plastic, less bendy than the original and slightly different curve and length (1mm shorter). Will look on aliEx don’t mind waiting few weeks

Im new to drones too (2 weeks) got the DJI mini SE and loving it , have people rubbishing it as a toy but as long as im happy IDGAF lol , same people putting my drone down are jealous as they have spent thousands on drones they are scared to fly and have no pictures or footage to show me the difference or what i am missing.
I am enjoying the editing learning curve and posting to youtube for anyone saying my sub 250g drone is an inferior toy.
Law says you have to keep drone in your line of sight so why go occusync 3, and all that 15km range chasing numbers you cant legally fly in uk.

Only downside ive found so far is max wind scale 5 rated which isnt pants BTW but ill be a fair weather droner anyway !

The point still stands that you get what you pay for and that is a fact and or good advice but not an insult, as id rather crash my first cheaper drone than an expensive thing i dont know how to use all the fancy functions at this point anyway.

Go have fun, get slick , and see if its for you or lose interest!

pm me for my youtube link to my first couple of weeks drone footage and tell me its an inferior toy lol
Some of the hardcore photographers feeling rattled that a cheap point and shoot/record drone can fluke some great shots sometimes quite close to thier work by default of an easy to fly piece of hardware and decent automatic settings in software



The mini se is a great drone. It’s much like my mini but slightly better. If you are getting a flying tripod for photography then you can’t go far wrong. Yes if you can’t afford a mini 2 get the SE, but the SE isn’t a “cheap” drone either, and it’s very good

I might upset a few folk but if you spend some time looking around for something that doest look like a Mavic you can get a lot more than an Eachine EX5.

I have some Phantom 1’s in my fleet that I paid no more than £30 for. A Phantom 2 that was supplied in a Flight case along with a Zenmuse 3Axis gimbal, Gopro4, and FPV gear, for £35.

Just a few examples. And no I didn’t barter these prices down, these were the asking prices or, in the case of ebay what the closing bid price was.

If you look to the used market you can pick up some very advanced Drones for very little money.

lol, I can barely keep the drone in “line of sight” at 200m and certainly can’t tell which way it’s facing without squinting at the phone screen in the sunlight. I think that will become easier with practice
I’m learning what I want/need from a decent drone and whether I’ll have enough opportunity to actually use it. I got what I paid for alright… that doesn’t include a decent stabilized camera, but have not yet found anywhere where I could “legally” fly that is interesting enough to warrant a good quality camera… :smiley: