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Hi, I’m new to drone flying, I’ve just bought a second hand DJI Phantom 1 and I’m based in Little Lever, Bolton

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Welcome to Gadc. Is little lever next to uni lever by any chance😁

Cheers…and not as far as I’m aware

Hello and welcome from sunny Wales.
You can’t normally say that without being sarcastic.

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Cheers mate

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Welcome Andy

It’s not little lever its Bolton :wink:

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Must be near Tyre Lever?? My poor attempt at humour… welcome. Ive not been on for a while…

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Hi @Andy_G and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Ignore this bunch of comedians :rofl:

Good to have another North West member on board! I’m over in Wigan :+1:

So how are you finding the Phantom? Have you been able to get out much with it lately?

I see from your profile you’re a biker, this thread might also interest you :wink:

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!! Despite their poor humour, they are actually a great bunch of really helpful people :blush:

Lock up your pies Rich is here

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Cheers mate, loving the banter and welcoming intros, despite the questionable quality of comedy

I took the Phantom out for it’s maiden flight today which lasted about ten minutes, that’s both batteries…so either I’ve not charged them enough/properly or they’re shagged, can’t buy off the shelf as mine’s the Phantom 1 and it’s discontinued so I’m having a look on eBay as we speak.

I’m going to give it another go tomorrow.

Hi Andy, welcome to forum.

Does the phantom 1 not just take standard Lipos?

Remember reading elsewhere that people were taking a Dremel to the battery bay to fit in multistar 4000s and similar.

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Cheers for that Callum, I literally know nothing about drones hence joing the site, I’m right at the bottom of a long and very steep learning curve, so any help and advice is much appreciated mate.

I never owned a phantom 1 mate but I’ll try help.

If it does take normal Lipos and has a standard connector you should be able to get some easily.

Could you post up a pic of the batteries that you have to get an idea of capacity and connectors?

Found this image and does look like they are just standard 3S Lipos.

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That’s it mate, that’s my battery

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I’ll get a look in morning mate and find a 3rd party replacement that fits with no modification, shouldn’t be too hard.

What kind of charger are you using?

I’ve seen these on eBay, these are 400mAh whereas mine are only 200 so I’m thinking of trying on of these for now, for £20.00 worth a punt I think? -

Hi Andy, sorry meant you get back to you sooner.

Those multistar are good, I’ve got 2 for a parrot disco.

The DJI stock battery should give you around 7-8 mins.

Multistar 3000 around 11 minutes and multistar 4000 15 minutes plus.

The multistar 3000 will fit straight in no problems.

The 4000 needs some minor mods to the battery bay.

You also get LIHV multistar, these are higher voltage but slightly bigger in size, not sure about them and you would also need a LIHV charger to benefit.

I’ve also seen parallel splitter cables and people putting 2 multistar 3000 on the phantom.


Had a look around and it seems for the 4000 you need to widen the battery bay entrance by a few mm all round. People doing it with a Stanley knife if you don’t have a Dremel.

They are a bit longer and stick out the frame so you need to hold it in with velco or something.

You’re a star mate, cheers for that

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Keep us updated.

Interested to see how it goes.

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