New years eve fireworks from the drone


Hi all hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and new year.

I decided to film the fireworks from my part of the world on new year eve, not the best video but it was an experience. ill use what I’ve learnt in the future to help capture better films.

Hope you all enjoy feed back good or bad welcome.

video to follow due to tec issue





try to sort it now bugger


That’s the trouble with chart music … shit and copyrighted …
I have fallen foul of that in the past bastards…


I’m having to re-edit the film with a different track… :rage:



Ok, ok,

Try this one.


Amazingly stable!

And that gets you the Firework Flyer badge, too! :+1:


The video is great,

You managed to capture real clear and steady shots. How do you get the pan to be so smooth😲


It wasn’t up to standard so I removed it, I started to edit it from the card rather than import the footage to the HDD, I then left it and went back to it last night but I had removed the card, I just had a full timeline as Media Offline, when I rendered it after adding music and the title I uploaded it to YouTube and found there are several points that pop up with Media Offline.
I’m not sure if this was because of rendering it from the card or where I had put the card back in the reader for editing.

I was using the Phantom 4 Pro, I just stuck it on auto for the video this time.
As for the panning just small movements of the sticks, I have also slowed the yaw a little in the settings in the Go4 app.

Here is the video I posted yesterday, you don’t have to look hard to see the issues.