Newbee from Devon

Hi, I am Graham, commonly known as geejay. Live in Exmouth, Devon. New to drones, I started with a Syma x20, then got LBLA. I am now waiting for my 1st GPS Drone, jjpro X5. Any opinions on my choice appreciated. Hoping my past rc car racing will help with control. Anyone know of good site locally?


Hi @Grajay (Graham)
Welcome to GADC, we are a happy bunch here, and not doubt one of our Moderators will point you in the direction of making yourself know on here.
There is lots of people on here who have had Syma’s, just have a nose around and someone will give you pointers on the do’s and dont’s.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we will help you as much as we can.

Thanks for the welcome. I have been reading the discussions for a while, and looking forward to getting involved.

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We look forward to your input Graham

Hiya :wave:

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Grajay mate :smiley:

Have a look at the Members Map, there are a few people down south!

Hi Graham welcome to the madhouse
Let us know how you get on with jjpro we are always looking for alternatives to the grand plus we fly now and save our sphincter muscle … to many contractions


Hello and welcome, I’ve just bought a Syma X21 to play about with in the house.

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Welcome @Grajay , I know South Devon reasonably well, lots a great views to capture with your drone :+1:


Never mind Accessoryitis, I think you need a Droneitis badge :rofl:

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Well, it was cheap :roll_eyes:
Where do I get this badge :thinking:

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