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Hello all

I am planning to move over from terrestrial photography to recreational drone photography in the near future but my head has imploded with all the options and rule changes. I would really appreciate some guidance.

I have narrowed my choices down to the Mini Pro 3 and Air 2S. I am leaning towards the 2S as the camera quality and flight stability is supposed to be better. However, I have been trying to understand the rule changes on the horizon and how they might influence my choice of drone. I can’t always get out into the wilds so would like to fly the beaches and other bits of Wirral as part of the learning process. This will bring me close to uninvolved people occasionally and close to structures. If I understand correctly, a sub-250g drone will enable me to do this under current regs but not the 2S. If I do the CoC, which I intend to do anyway as part of my own development, will that allow me more flexibility with the 2S? Also, after the beginning of 2023 how will these factors change? Will the 2S essentially become a paperweight or rural drone or will the CoC allow these freedoms? I’ve read loads but can’t get a straight picture that will help me to decide which drone to get.

Thank you for your help

Hi @NDC-Wirral and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Hi Milkman, thanks for the tips. I’ve already spent an hour browsing the forum so reckon I’ll be happy here :slight_smile: I’ve tried to formulate the question to get the answer I want from the search but not cracked it yet. I’ll keep going. Thank you, Neil

Run your options (and how you where you want to fly) through our very own Good to Go it will give you the answers to most ‘can i fly here’ secenarios

As for 2023, after this your Air 2S would be the country flier (A3 only), however most foresee another extension to the current legislation


Oh that’s really good, thank you. It looks like the pro 3 is the way to go as I can’t afford to change it again next year so will need to stick with a sub 250g drone for now. Hopefully, things will settle down next year.

Or a 2, but yes in a nutshell the sub 250g is the king (at the moment)


Sound, I’ll get looking :slight_smile:

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There’s one for sale in your neck of the woods @NDC-Wirral

Oh cheers! I’ve just sent my Nikon gear off to Jessops for valuation, as soon as the cash comes through I’ll be shopping. I’m thinking of getting the Mini 3 as I believe it has the bigger sensor. It’ll need to do me for a while as won’t be able to upgrade for a while. I’ll keep an eye out here though. Thank you, Neil

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You won’t go wrong with the mini 3 pro I have the mini 2 as well both are very good

I have some footage on my YouTube channel if you want to take a look if you like what you see please subscribe and you can see what we film regards Dave

That one’s sold Rich.

Thanks John, it wasn’t at the time of me linking to it yesterday :blush:

You are forgiven my child :innocent:

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Oh cheers Dave, I’ll do that very thing now :slight_smile:

Sorry forgot to say my YouTube channel is Dave Hodgkiss
You will really enjoy drone photography I love to mix my videos with drone views
Regards Dave