Newbie error resulted in a crash

So, yeah after owning my first ever drone (Dji Mini 2) as a total newbie since June 2022, last Sunday I had a minor incident involving the “Quick Shots” feature, an unexpeted gust of wind and a long leafy branch that stopped my props and caused the craft to fall some 10 meters on its back on to a grass field.
I followed the instruction, hover the drone 6 to 10 meters go into camera mode select quick shots make sure there are no obstrucions within 10 meters and choose one of the quick shots modes, I went for helix, the thing spirals backwards with the camera trained on you. I thought it was going to be that simple but, it spiralled backwards and upwards in wider circles and got to close to a tree, I was nervous but then a gust of wind literally side swiped and by the time I tried to stop the craft with the controller it was too late. The props started chopping the leaves and then it stopped and dropped.
No structural damage to the folding legs, the gimbal was unaffected but one of the motors does not spin freely and it probably bent the little rotor shaft.

Damn… beginner error, so on Monday I dropped it at a UPS collection point and it’s now on its way to Holland for Care/Refresh to either repair or replace.

I will never try that Quick Shot thing anymore, not worth the trouble.



Speaking from experience, I sympathise. I said the same, “never using this again”. Mine too quickly travelled to Holland. But I have used it since, yet only out in the countryside. Once I got to grips with each quick shot, I have a used it a few times. But to be fair, once you progress, you won’t need any of that stuff.

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@Badly_Drone_Boy i’m kinda with you here. New to the whole flying thing and have watched 100+ videos. I see drone aficionado’s doing amazing things, zigzagging through trees, flying for miles, flying through windows all making me feel both inadequate and at the same time thinking my drone can do anything. I nearly lost my Mini 2 on my 2nd outing, it was only 0.5km away but I flew it too low behind some trees and lost sight and signal. My heart was in my mouth as the last message I got on the controller was ‘strong winds can’t return home” and a picture of my drone heading down to a giant pond. About a minute later it came back and landed right next to me :grinning:

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Motor: first check that this is not just leaf fibres twisted around the shaft.

Fine tweezers are a part of my droning tool kit, as I too have not yet entirely gone past the involuntary hedge trimming stage.

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I am glad to hear, you were lucky to say the least. Good job :slight_smile:

I have rotor covers fitted to my Mini 2 meaning there were no leaf bits in the rotor

Thanks for the tip

You might want to have a read of this thread Francesco @Badly_Drone_Boy :blush:


Bring on the weight police :balance_scale: :man_police_officer:

Yes I swear by those rotor covers, on my head be but, I am yet to see a copper with a jewellery scale

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Rotor covers will restrict cooling air flow through the motors which could overheat.

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With all due respect, that is a load of old b’lx
If you read the specs of the Mini 2 from the Dji website you’ll see that they are designed to work at a temperature ranging from 0 to 40 C / 32 to 104F so overheating is never an issue.
Also most rotor covers are made out of CNC machined aluminium not steel hence they dissipate heat pretty quick.

As for the extra weight which is 0.42 grams for the 4 covers together, once again these drones are designed also to carry payload if you wished to and that little extra weight is not even accountable to the performance of the drone, but yes the weight police might have an issue with a few grams excess, but as I said in a previous message do you ever see coppers going around with those little scales?

I wonder why DJI

(a) don’t sell them as aftermarket ?

(B) fit them as standard ?


Obviously because they add that little extra weight.

p.s.: The Dji Air 2 S has factory fitted ones, just to give you an idea. And that is because it is not a sub 249 grams drone so the weight issue doesn’t matter on that type of drone.

What measured temps do you get on your motors? I often fly in 35-38C heats so I would definitely be concerned about restricting airflow.

I never new you could get motor covers , however after reading the above as said I thought DJI would have introduced them , I guess those motors need air and there exposed for a reason ,
As said above hand launch and catch keep it away from the dust and dirt but that’s my opinion.

They are fitted as standard to the Dji Air 2s, to give you an idea, but that’s probably because its not a sub 250gr drone and I guess weight does not matter but the reason Dji does not fit them as standard on smaller droned is to keep them within the stated weight of 249gr.
4 of these rotor covers weigh 0.43 grams, half a spoon of sugar worth.

Really , ok I’ve never noticed tbh I have MA2 which look the same as the air2s ( motor wise ) and you can see the copper inside , I didn’t know that :+1:t2:

Maybe I need another eye test :eyes::mag:

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The drone can fly in those air temperatures.

What temperature do you think the motors are running at if the ambient temperature is 40C and the vents are covered up?

They’re not removable dust covers on the Air 2S, it’s a completely different motor?!

I can’t decide if this is a windup or not. You’re not a certain recently-ex member in disguise are you? :thinking:

Which is all that matters really.

You crack on with them mate :slight_smile:

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The fact they’ve ignored my question says it all…