Newbie from Exeter, Devon

Hi… just wanting to say a quick hello to all. Thank you to @pross for recommending this forum.
Hoping to pick brains and learn how to master my Mavic 2 pro from all you knowledgeable peeps. :slight_smile:


Welcome Mark @B1ggs


Welcome to the club Mark, from just up the road at junction 25 :wave:t3:

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Welcome Mark, from one of the “loonies”
You’ll have some fun here !.


Thanks :slight_smile: any advice on local areas to get out flying? Everywhere I’ve looked into seems to be a no go due to permissions or restrictions :confused:

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I tend to fly a lot of coast line, not many restrictions there and there some great footage to be had. :heart_eyes:
If you haven’t been told already, check out
Some good spots on there. Once all the lockdown is over we’ll arrange a Southwest get together, the last one went tits up because of the virus lockdown.


Yeh I would be more than up for that… will check out the link and see if I can find a nice spot :slight_smile: thanks for the head up :+1:

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Hi Mark and welcome to GADC.

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Hi @B1ggs !! Welcome !

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Welcome (but from a very unknowledgeable newb unlike the rest of this forum :D)
Hope you manage to find some lovely places to fly!

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Thank you… and think we are both unknowledgeable in which case. Finding the lovely places isnt the problem… its knowing I’m not going to break any laws that seems to be the issue haha.

Yes, I’ve been struggling with the same thing. It actually made me delay a purchase of a drone.

Every time I question it people they seem to come back at me with… “it’s easier to seek forgiveness than permission with this”. Still very unsure.

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I think when when you’re first setting out just remember.

Keep it in sight and 50m away from anything and anybody (bubble) and under 120m and make sure its registered.

That will just about keep you legal (in a nutshell)

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I have my operator ID and Fligher ID but do I need to register the actual drone anywhere ?

I have been quite lucky as my place backs on to miles of farm land. Had to take my drone up to locate the farm and then drove there and asked if they minded me practicing over there land… they was really nice as yes it’s fine as long as i email them a image of there farm from above :slight_smile: as you can see from my flight data I’ve not ventured to far out yet as scared I’ll lose it lol Home

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@B1ggs, with the range it has, doubt you will lose it.

Your Flyer ID must be attached to the drone with a sticker of some discription.


What he said :wink:

Perfect place to learn.

Get yourself confident flying circles, squares and 8’s (nose in, nose out).

You’ll burn many hours playing just that before you get bored

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Err that should be Operator ID guys…

From CAA website:-

Operator ID

The operator is responsible for making sure that only people with a valid flyer ID use their drone or model aircraft.

They must label their drones and model aircraft with their operator ID.

You must be 18 or over to register for an operator ID.

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