Newbie from Merseyside

Hi All
I’m a new member I’ve been flying for a while but aways wanting to learn more.
I have a mini2, mavic air2 & a phantom 4 pro.
I have lived in Rainford Merseyside for a few years.
But find it hard to find local locations to fly.
Never sure if I am allowed !
Got my Flyer & OP id’s just looking where to “chuck it up” !

Try on the Wirral side.ots of places clear of any restrictions. Use drone buddy app to help you. I’ve taken a few videos over Red Rock and Leasowe Lighthouse.

Welcome Alan!

Which drone do you prefer from the Mini 2, Mavic Air 2 & the Phantom 4 Pro?

Hi looking for the same in teesside
Hope you get some good local ideas near you

Thanks for the info.
I made a note of the areas (the lighthouse looks good)
So when it finally spots raining, I will go & have a look

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Thanks for the reply I hope you find somewhere.
Teeside is a fantastic area t be in


Check out some of my flights in area on my channel. Feel free to subscribe.

Thats not that easy to decide, bit like golf really, different drone for different days.
I think though at the monent I prefer the Phantom 4 Pro. It takes fantastic photos
(much better than the Pro 2 I had) & it seems solidly built compared to the mavics.
Mini 2 & Mavic Air 2 are great to keep in the car ready for a quick shot, & are reliable.

I also have an Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera, but thats a habdful even on a good day !

I have flown RC gliders, powered gliders & helicopters over the years, but drones are magic compared to them (a case of when they crash not if they crash).


DroneScene is your friend my new friends ;o)

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Hi From Northwich, Cheshire. If your on the Wirral, then Thurstaston Beach is well worth a look [
53.347415, -3.158355 You can fly awat from the sailing club, and at low tide there is lots of expanse to fly in legally, just be mindful microlights also use this are frequently

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It seems the Wirral has quite a few places to fly.
Thurstaston Beach looks great, definitely give it a go when it stops raining.
Thank again

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Rainford is full of farms ain’t it? Loads of space. I’m sure there’s a gap on Formby beach too I think.

I have been to Formby beach not bad flying there. Farms round here some are OK, others say nnnnoooooooo !
Thanks for the reply though.

Welcome Alan👍🏼