Newbie from Portsmouth

Hi I’m a latecomer newbie to drones I live in Portsmouth. Looking forward to learning loads and having fun in the process.


Welcome and hi from Somerset

Whereabouts in Pompey?

One of the areas that people seem to go is down by the Garrison Church to fly over the water and photo . video the ships going in and out of harbour. Very nerve wracking for the first few times over the sea …

Oh, and welcome to GADC :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m in Havant. So currently looking for places to fly.

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Taje a look at Dronescene. developed and maintained by the GADC boffins. Switchable layers give information on flight restrictions, reports from GADC members show and describe decent places to fly. Most of the ones around Havant were put on the map by me :slight_smile:

The bit of Broadmarsh coastal park opposite the gravel quay is good - lovely view (and smell occasionally) of Budd’s Farm. There’s a circular hedge-enclosed field I have thought would make a good test area as well

The purple areas indicate Crown Estates land, mainly coastline and foreshore. They are perfectly happy with drone flying as long as you keep to the drone code.


Many thanks for the info will get onto Dronescene sounds very interesting .

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Maybe we could start a new sensible saying “MAY THE CODE BE WITH YOU” :thinking:

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Royston any chance we can have the Victory back here in Chatham where it was built our Dockyard is suffering badly. :joy:

Sorry my friend I actually served on her back the 90’s. I’m ex RN did 25 years. Have to say they are looking after her given her new props underneath as the wood was sagging quite badly. Looks strange at the moment all her top masts have been removed, presumably to lessen the weight whilst carrying out the repairs.


The last time me and my Ex pressure head mucker were down in Pompey we went on the Victory and I must say they have done an excellent job preserving her and would I just love to get some drone footage of the old girl.:sunglasses:


Was down at Chatham a couple of years age with the Grandson and went round the dockyard. It makes you feel bloody old when one of the “Historic Ships” there is one that I served on back in the 80’s (HMS/m Ocelot). Still it was great to go on the old girl again. Tour guide thought it was great that before he could start the tour spiel, I had started pointing out bits of equipment to my Grandson. Ended up answering quiet a few questions on the way through the boat . . . . :grinning: