Newbie from Sussex


Hi everyone, I am brand new to flying drones. Always wanted one but they were always out of financial reach. I have just picked up a bargain of a drone in the form of a DJI Phantom 2 vision plus.

Thought it would be good to join the club and hopefully learn some tips from all you experts and meet some new friends to possibly fly with.


Hi Mark from a fellow Phantom 2 Vision Plus owner, and a big welcome to the GADC Forum.
Feel free to ask advice on flying you drone, an get involved in general chat.
Add yourself to the Members Map, so we can see at a glance whereabouts you are, so if there is a Meet Up , you can be kept informed.
If you have never flown a drone, i suggest you trawl around Youtube to get some pointers before you venture out on a flight.


Hi @Phantom41 / Mark and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Check out the Members Map, you may have some people near you already :+1:t2:


Hi, I have already been trawling through youtube, there are some great tutorials on there. Also been reading up on all the rules etc. My location is a bit of a problem being so close to Gatwick! :airplane:

Had a little trip down to Hove and had a little low flight test to make sure my drone flew ok. So far very impressed. I will have a few more close range tests before venturing higher and further just to familiarise myself with the drone.

Looking forward to joining in with the group



So it was you…!



Hey Guys, We found him !!:rofl:


ha ha long before I got my drone!!! :rofl:


Joking aside, great to have you on board !


Just one word of warning with the Phantom, DON’T update the firmware !!!


There was a big problem with many people creating a brick from their drone.


Thanks for the advice. I have tried connecting to my PC but can’t even install driver as it comes up with error message, I guess it is not that necessary to connect it anyway?


Luckily, i managed to resurrect mine from the grave !.
If it fly’s ok, and you have video output to your phone, leave well alone !


I done all sorts of Modifications to mine over time, to increase range with New Antennas, gimbal protection clamps to prevent gimbal collapses during a crash.
New GPS Pucks to increase GPS Satellite Lock, etc, etc.


Welcome @Phantom41 from a fellow Sussex flyer, though down on the coast near Chichester. Have a few good places to fly down here if ever interested?


Hello and welcome @Phantom41


Welcome Mark @Phantom41
Loved my Phantom 2 Vision +


Thanks @BrianB I’m going to have a few more practice flights to better my skills then I might pop down your way


Sounds good :+1:


Hi Mark
Welcome to our madhouse
Enjoy your stay as chris said anything your unsure of just ask