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Hi Everyone,
I own a Parrot Anafi, it was purchased before all the new regulations came in. What with covid I’ve had very little time to get it out the box, although I did fly it initially. I’ve now passed the online session to register ID etc. The reason is we’re heading up to the highlands of Scotland later in the year and thought it would be a great opportunity to use the drone. The drone is up to date in terms of software and ready to fly. But I have questions! I’ll apologise if these seem a little naive, but my aim is to get the drone up take the shot and return to home, so not looking at long winded flights etc.
Still being new to all this, I’d first like to ask when using the drone assist app. I understand certain areas cannot be flown in, however, if you zoom in to say 50 metres it then turns green. Is this an indication you can fly in an area but only up to the 50-metre limit?
I’ve also seen a video of someone flying over Urqhart castle near Inverness, is this type of filming allowed, or are other permissions required? The same is for any other historical place of interest.
I’m wanting to understand and learn what I can and cannot do, but the rule changes and laws seem very complicated so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome once again!

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Welcome to GADC.
I’m new here too. (2 weeks) Your trip sounds the same trip /holiday that we intend this year, and i am in the same position as you with flying, and I’m still not fully understanding where or where not to fly…
There is loads of advice in the discussions here, also a quite a few extremely friendly members offering their time and help…
please post up some of you video and photos of how far and where you get. i would be really be interested in seeing them.
Hope your adventure goes well… :smiley:


As you have registered with the CAA I assume you have seen the info here Where you can fly drones | UK Civil Aviation Authority . Generally it all depends on the weight of your drone and the category you can fly in. Also, a lot of organisations (NT, English Heritage etc) say no drones on their land, but you can sometimes fly from a public place close by and get your shots without even having to overfly the historic building.
Drone assist is the best app for knowing where all the No fly zones are, you just need to make sure you get the setting right.

I think you’ll find out very own DroneScene offers everything the above does and a lot more.


As long as you stay outside the perimeter of the site you should be ok. That’s what I was told by Historic Scotland when I was flying over a castle in Fife.
Also some castles are still lived in by owners who would take exception.

Very true, but I thought drone scene got its information from drone assist which is (I think) run on data from NATS. I tend to use both for various reasons, drone assist to keep it simple and it has an iPhone app and then drone scene if I need more info about where others have flown.

Add a shortcut to your Home Screen, voila app like

Thanks, why didn’t I think of that - duh.

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Hi Charlie,
Looks like we’re both in the same boat or drone! I’ll definitely be posting some info upon my return. Not going until the end of June so this gives me some time now to get organised and learn as much as possible.


I’ve been through the CAA stuff, the one thing confusing me is the Drone Assist app. Upon loading it has an aerial height of say 5km which is a bit much for my little drone! However my question was if you zoom into an area that may be (yellow) caution but then zoom in further to say 50 metres in height it changes to Green. Does that make that area safe to fly? Obviously without nearby restrictions etc. I just find the app confusing and difficult to make changes to the settings if that’s even possible.

Thanks for that info, much appreciated


DroneScene is your friend

Support available here, unlike those other confusing apps :wink:

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An excellent plan…

An excellent plan…

if only i could lern … cant get me replies attached to right post in a thread. _:frowning: