Newbie question regarding quick shots

Hi all. I’ve only recently purchased a mini 2 and haven’t used quickshots much.
If I’m hovering over a football stadium at an altitude of 80m and select to do a rocket or dronie whilst selecting 20m, am I right in assuming that during the manoeuvre, the drone will ascend to 100m? Or will it descend to 20m?
I’ve almost attempted it, but worrying about descending into some trees.

Apologies if it’s a newbie question. But I don’t want to crash the drone.

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A 20m dronie will pull the drone backwards by 20m, so for a dronie the distance options cover the lateral movement. It won’t pull up to 100m for 20m lateral distance.

A rocket covers the vertical distance in the options. There can be some lateral movement too for it to move towards its selected subject as it ascends.

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Thank you. I’ll try this out. You have put my mind at rest :slight_smile:

If it’s exceeding allowed altitude you’re worried about with that it kicks you out of the quickshot if it reaches the defined altitude limit anyway.

Slight note about dronies with the mini 2 as well, it has an annoying habit of panning the gimbal up suddenly as it pulls away from its subject if the starting angle is relatively high.

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It’s the drone going lower than the starting altitude that I’m worrying about. Especially if the starting point is 80m high