Newbies 'crib" card

Hi All,
Would anyone know if pocket size 'Crib" cards can be purchased etc in order for a Newbie to do all checks and settings before flying. I know there is a quick start up guide but it doesn’t give all settings etc. I have watched numerous YouTube videos and what you have to remember as regards settings etc I find daunting. I don’t think I can keep referring to YouTube every time!! I haven’t flown my Mavic Air yet as I feel I am not confident to get it right and worried about crashing it. I do realise there is a beginners mode and I think I could possibly get there without prompting but it’s all the other settings that I find difficult to remember.

I f you look in the Members Only section at the “GADC Drone Information Pack” that I have put together there is a Mavic Pro & Mavic Air Operators Checklist.
You may be able to modify this for your needs.
Loads of other useful Documents that may be of use to !!.


Thank you for your help.

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No Problem, we are all here to help Newbees not make stupid mistakes that can cause them a lot of worry in getting there drone up safely !.
Happy and Safe Flying, more power to your joystick !.

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We were all new to it once and the first step can be a bit daunting and leave you feeling easily overwhelmed. Do yourself a huge favour, put it in beginner mode and just practice flying it and don’t do any filming or using different modes until you get a proper feel for it. Take it up to max height and move it around, use the RTH button and just get used to flying the drone. Then turn off beginner mode and go play some more and then as you get some flying time in get a feel for putting it in sport mode and pushing the range out a bit. Once you really get a handle on flying it then you can concentrate on other aspects a step at a time and you will start to get a feel of what’s right for you, as you make little films you will watch them and think ah that’s a bit naff how can I improve that? Then you can make the settings better slowly and understand why you are changing things which in my opinion makes them easier for yourself to handle.

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I typed one up a while back and laminated it, to keep in the drone case. I also added it as a “Note” on my phone too.

Over time, it’ll all become habit and routine - you won’t give it a second thought :blush:
In the short term though, as @chrisjohnbaker said, check out the pilots checklists in the members section :+1:

Ah, you already have :smiley:

Thanks very much. It is appreciated.

Thank you for your advice. It is appreciated,I assure you.

DJI have an app called: DJI Pre Flight Checklist. It is what it sounds like and even if you don’t have a DJI it could be the basis of you creating one.

Then either create it in a notepad like app on your phone or compress, print and laminate. I used to do this for pre-checks on my DSLT photography after getting home too many times and realising I’d screwed the images up by over / under exposing due to some random setting. Eventually settled into an automated pre-shot check but still occasionally don’t so a quick ‘chimp’ session usually tells me and then I correct that.

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Why bother when they are in the Members Only section